I know that Philips only assures Easylink compability upon its own devices. But maybe someone is so kind and look over my case if they can find anything I may done wrong.

Main Problem:
Easylink Device is not recognized by the TV 32PFL3605H/12

Already Done:
+ Installed newest firmware available
+ Real factory reset via service menu
+ Enabled EasyLink of course (but not PixelPlusLink)
+ Device is directly attached to the TV

From the attached logs http://pastebin.com/9GWD54up you can see that the device communicates with the TV quite fine. It gets the Vendor ID and so on and when asked for the OSD Name it sends 'XBMC' to the device. But unfortunately the device gets not added to the sources menu and therefore I'm not able to redirect my remote to the RPi. BTW I'm currently running firmware version TPM51E 2.09 (09-28-2012).