2 years ago, I thought I was purchasing a premium TV, awarded by EISA as European LCD-TV year 2010-2011, namely a Philips 46PFL9705!

Back to March 2011, the screen of the first unit stop functioning after 6 hours. Then in Jan 2012, the speaker from a second unit got a malfunction. From Fev 2012 until Jul 2012 the NetTV did not run. In Jan 2013, the same speaker malfunction appeared again. In Fev 2013, Philips swapped the 2nd unit for a 3rd unit, which was delivered with a defect on the Wireless system. After several call and emails Philips finally took my TV away on 4th of April 2013.

It has been a hard life without TV for more than 1 month! I've already did about 15 emails and phone-calls to their paid line, but still nobody replays and calls me back with a solution!?! On top of that, I've lost several working hours, waiting to someone to pick-up or deliver damaged TVs!

Whatelse can I do, despite reporting my sad story! Frederico Vieira, 10551 Berlin - Germany