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    Blinking CD565 and SE565.

    Hope English will do here.
    Reference, this thread: Mobilteil SE 565 blinkt
    Since three years, I have been an owner of Philips DECT SE565 and CD565. In fact, my sister uses SE565 and I am using CD565.
    Live in Sweden. Three years ago, we wanted to each buy 4-5 Dect phones with answering recorder and speaker. We didn’t find what we wanted from Philips Sweden, so I started to buy second hand phones through, some Singles and some Duos.
    After some time, the handsets started to fail. Same symptom as described in this thread. Blinking on/off/on/off… All handsets have/had original Philips batteries. To replace batteries or try to reset units had/have no effect. I have done all of it.
    To replace the failing ones, I continued to buy more units from eBay (maybe stupid?).
    Up to now, we have totally 20 units. 10 of them have stopped working, all with same symptom. (We also have several unused base units and charging stations).
    I have made a chart in Excel to track the units and their serialnumbers (GD0xxxxxxxxxxx). That way I found this:
    Out of 13 units, having serials starting with GD02-, only 3 units are still working. For sure they are also bound to fail in near future.
    I am doing some research among eBay-sellers, by contacting all offering SE/CD565 and having them to read the GD-numbers and send that information to me.
    Up to now I have one indication that GD04- might also fail. The rest is a lot of GD02-s.
    Sofar, GD01-, GD05-, GD06- and GD08- seems to work, but I have limited statistics of those serials.
    One year ago, I contacted Philips support in Germany. They were willing to replace some of my defective units, but they required me to have a German ship-to-address. I couldn’t make it.
    Now it is probably too late. Only hope would be some kind of “goodwill”.
    Everyone can easily search for SE/CD565 on There you will find many sellers offering base units and charging units and power adapters, but without handsets. Speaks for it self, doesn’t it?
    It would be very handy if Philips could supply us with information about which serials are affected or not affected by this poor design of Philips.

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    Hello rolfag,

    In our German-speaking forum we usually do not provide Support in English. As you already told we will need to have a shipping address in Germany, otherwise your country support would be the first address to contact. But as the Phone might not be sold in your country the support here also might be limited. I do also not have information about ranges of serial numbers that are having an issue or having it not. I’m really sorry but I’m afraid that I cannot help you in this case.

    Kind Regards Tino
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