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  1. Philips TV news: introduction of Design Line models.
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  22. Sharing my disappointment
  23. Dark shadows on the screen
  24. Philips won't replace my TV after 5 failatures during warranty. HELP!
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  29. Problem with the display, looks like thousands of dead pixels but not!
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  32. Considering buying 7007
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  34. Unimpressed with Philips "quality" product
  35. my tv just turn off and it won't turn back on
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  39. Complaint
  40. Blurred Picture Quality on my LED TV ( 42pfl5556/V7)
  41. TV broken, 2 months and still waiting
  42. Philips Essence TV LCD 42PES0001H flat screen problem
  43. I´d like to share my experience with Philips
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  50. A shame! A replace SCART cable for "only" 60 Euros !!!!
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  52. No picture
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  55. the screen is blurred on analogue channels how can I better set
  56. philips wrecked my tv and wont answer me
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  58. 46pfl4208d/98
  59. Customer SVS
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