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  1. Location, TV model purchased, firmware installed
  2. New idea for Philips: Match Ambilight + Living Colours
  3. Another idea for Ambilight.
  4. Philips customers deserve a good media-player in TVs
  5. 40PFL6606H/12 - Wishlist and insights
  6. Bring back the 2.1 Matchline Sound!
  7. My Ideal 2012 TV
  8. Release of 40PFL9606K
  9. Better and faster User Interface
  10. 2011 TVr550 R3 wish list.
  11. Artwork and album covers.
  12. Wish list : auto-repeat buttons on remote control
  13. A feature from tha past: bring back dual tuners...
  14. Show the frequency of the input signal, from inputs...
  15. Improved media-capabilities subtitles, go-to, resume...
  16. Please improve picture modes on pfl6007
  17. Mediaplayer enhancement suggestions
  18. Smart TV features
  19. Wish for 46PFL7007K/12
  20. development v. improvement: 2012-2013 TV's
  21. Set minumum and maximum backlight when using dynamic background diming
  22. I am penitent to buy Philips 2013 TV series [DON'T DO THAT]
  23. 65pfl9708 No Testprogram from Astra Ultra HD Test channel??
  24. A great feature for 2015!
  25. tv.Philips 7909