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  1. What have you fed your Blu-ray player with recently? Share your movie experience
  2. What feature you want your Blu-ray player equips? Share your 2011 wish list here
  3. Reviews: Philips 9600 BD Player VS playstation 3 VS Denon 1611
  4. poll on usb ussage :)
  5. [Wish] Flexible Sorting order of USB content
  6. [Wish] BDP9600 Top Model in 2011 and Smart TV?
  7. Speed
  8. [Wish] Add audio delay configuration from option menu also to main configuration
  9. [Wish] More Information and Control over BD-Live-Memory
  10. circular lists
  11. [Wish] Flip pages in USB view with |< and >| buttons
  12. circular lists
  13. screen saver or plasma display
  14. [Wish] Add an option to stop playing the next file automatically
  15. 0-10 how you rate your DLNA / streaming experience?
  16. [Wish] Add the subtitles "Character set" also in the global settings
  17. [Wish] .MKV Profile 5.1 support
  18. wish: add codec H264 MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1) to BDP7500 Firmware
  19. [Wish] DLNA/CD/USB Continuous play option (bdp7500b2 V1.56)
  20. [Wish] DLNA Current folder name visibility improvements
  21. DLNA/CD/USB Navigation speed improvements (bdp7500b2 V1.56)
  22. [Wish] 3D LED logo light control.
  23. [Wish] Show A Clock in the BDP display during Standby
  24. [Wish] Startup screen colour and logo modification (Re.: BDP8000)..
  25. [Insight]: Undocumented features (re: BDP8000/others)
  26. [WISH] Improvement for "One-touch play"
  27. Startup behaviour of your blu ray player
  28. Share your discoveries for the UI / manual/ quick start guide language mistakes...
  29. Opaque box in subtitles
  30. [Poll] Play USB files more or disc more?
  31. Suggestion: UI/File browser improvements
  32. DTS-MA in an MKV container BDP7500B2
  33. Wish for the next year blu-ray player models
  34. concering to BD5200/12
  35. BDP9600 - Audio CD's - occasional drop-outs
  36. [Wish] Please add an "audio delay" option for Home Media Player devices (HMP)
  37. Lip sync feature and DD 5/6.1 via TV on BDP7600
  38. High resolution audio on Philips 9000 BR players
  39. BDP3280/12 to 32PDL7906T/12 3D incompatibility!
  40. 21:9 TVs and players questions
  41. DV video support for BDP9600
  42. What feature you want to see on your Blu-ray player? Share your 201x wish list here
  43. 7 days from now to write your wishlist for 2014 Blu-ray player & Home Theatre
  44. Philips DVD Players
  45. Philips Hong Kong Team not support my case, as Smart TV service suspend !
  46. What is the best blu ray + glasses set up for my new Philips tv?