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  1. The new NP3900, great sound but...
  2. NP3700 no alarm
  3. NP3500 Break between titles while playing via DLNA?
  4. NP3700 power consumption
  5. NP3900 - Mediaserver not found....
  6. NP3900 - a few questions
  7. NP3900 Spotify
  8. NP 3700 : problem with accessing MP3 files
  9. NP3900 - bad WLAN connectivity
  10. NP3900 and Dock iphone
  11. my remarks on np3900
  12. NP3900 - winter time change not implemented correctly?
  13. NP3900 also has firmware problems
  14. Np3900 + np2900
  15. Fast Forward on NP3900? And Screen Size question...
  16. NP 3300 supported playlist formats
  17. New Software Update for NP3300
  18. NP3900 - Multiple Skip Error
  19. Is the NP3300 able to wake my desktop pc? (to send a magic paket)
  20. Android app 2Player causes NP3900 to freeze
  21. NP3900 crashes connecting to Samsung AllShare Android app (DLNA server)
  22. NP 3900 reports wrong duration for the track
  23. PC Software (DLNA server) where to download from?
  24. NP3900 does not display cover art
  25. Player cannot handle restart of internet connection
  26. The NP3900 and Android control points worse behavior than the NP2900
  27. Music Alarm Clock not reliable
  28. No connection to mediaserver after update
  29. No connection to internet
  30. Spotify is now available on NP 3900. SW is now live
  31. How good is NP3300?
  32. Player shut down to clock
  33. The built-in alarm clock works not reliable
  34. Internet connection after G5.58S update.
  35. np3500 issues
  36. Spotify is now available on NP 3500. SW is now live.
  37. Fast Forwarding
  38. Frustration
  39. Delayed auxiliary audio
  40. streaming media support
  41. Turning off the alarm without snooze function
  42. Podcasts
  43. where is a list of radio stations available ?
  44. Alarm function does not work as expected
  45. Album covers/photos/videos not displayed
  46. Search function
  47. Question about handling with the scroll funktion
  48. Unstable Internet connection / Freezing Software
  49. FLAC playback issue
  50. <Empty List> Radio Issue
  51. Runs NP3500 only with NAS-Server
  52. One radio station is working - why?
  53. Release notes NP3900 VG5.59S
  54. NP3900/12 won't play Radio/Online Services at all
  55. Podcasts on NP3900? How?
  56. low wifi signal
  57. Spotify is now available on NP 3300. SW is now live
  58. Port forwarding for NP3900
  59. Wake on Lan Activation for NP3500
  60. Is this the way how Philips-Support works?
  61. Use the NP3700 as an audio device
  62. NP3900 reproducible freezes when back button is pushed
  63. NP 3500 - Problems with configuration via PC
  64. NP3700 a few questions
  65. TwonkyMedia v1.3.0.101
  66. Sorting and searching of 'My Media'
  67. connect to MCI500h not working (Upnp problem?)
  68. Some questions before buying a NP3700/12
  69. Spotify Premium Integration available?
  70. Summer time change did not work - Philips failed again
  71. NP3500 unusable: latency, menu navigation dead slow, auto power-off too fast
  72. My Media Streaming Problems
  73. NP3900 didn't play AAC files from MCI500 :(
  74. AUX & iPhone Multiroom NP3900, 3300, 3500
  75. Connected to TV
  76. NP3900/12 freezes at least by every second start
  77. How to make/use playlist in Twonky
  78. NP3500 looses WLAN connection when in standby
  79. NP3300 does not switch on
  80. Free contribution to firmware/software development
  81. SimplyShare activation code
  82. NP3900 switches on by itself
  83. Is Spotify still supported?
  84. Rdio Support
  85. Problem with Napster-Log-in
  86. MCi900
  87. NP3500/12 store radio presets problem
  88. clock alarm issues with NP3700/12
  89. Connection to internet radio
  90. NP3300/12 recieving live365
  91. Spotify disappeared from menu
  92. Update your firmware to enjoy Spotify on NP3700
  93. Wrong click in Display-Settings
  94. Does patience pay with NP3900/12 ?
  95. Internet radio Data
  96. NP2900 - This station is not available in your country
  97. Feature comparison of the NP product line
  98. NP3900 with a WAS700 - compatible?
  99. UPNP Compatibility
  100. MP2500: no sound through speakers
  101. New NP3900 No Sound
  102. Many problems & possible solutions (for next update)
  103. Device not registered although internet registration completed?
  104. NAS Connection
  105. multiroom on NP2900/12
  106. Wi-Fi connects, Internet fails - pls. help
  107. Fast Forward on Streamium Clients
  108. Unstable NP3500 + upnp streaming issue + suggestion for firmware
  109. NP3500 vs NP3900
  110. Integration Qobuz
  111. Can't add favorites to NP3300/12
  112. http://www.philips.com/streamium down
  113. NP1100 Connection to internet radio failed
  114. Clearing of NP1100 "search" field
  115. Napster fix
  116. Streaming some radios do not longer work
  117. Still some radio station not working
  118. NP3700 random change of station
  119. Philips deserted the support of these products
  120. TwonkyMedia
  121. how to use wireless internet in China
  122. Problems with blufferig in spotify
  123. Low wifi signal on NP3500.
  124. NP3500 can not find servers after standby
  125. NP3500 vs NP3900 vs2900
  126. Radio services down this morning? (sunday 18 Nov 2012)
  127. Spotify playlists
  128. NP3300/12 don't play Radio at all
  129. np3500 and ogg vorbis support
  130. NP1100, entering URL length > 24 digits
  131. NP3700 CD tracks ordered alphabetically
  132. NP 3900 - Freezing
  133. Streamium NP 2500 - Rhapsody account no longer valid
  134. My Streamium 1100 Just Died
  135. NP3900 freezes with some audio files
  136. Np3900/12 and wireless-n network
  137. No sound from my NP3900
  138. No Internetradio with NP3900/12 "Empty List"
  139. NP3900 Hanging - Power Reset Needed
  140. NP2900 mutes
  141. Search function improvement
  142. Napster service has been resumed on NP2500, NP 2900 & NP3500
  143. Napster service has been resumed on NP3700 and NP3900
  144. Factory reset -> AccuWeather
  145. Firmware E3.20S for NP3700
  146. Cut off....
  147. NP2900 does not play mp3 files after upgrade to VB16.22S
  148. Empty List on my Streamium NP3900
  149. np3300 Napster Firmware
  150. Streamium NP3500 software update
  151. Bitrate not reported
  152. Some internet radio stations play only 6 seconds
  153. napster np3300
  154. internet radio ?
  155. np3300 1 year on still no fixes or napster! will refunds now be offered
  156. problem with NP3900/12
  157. NP3300 fix
  158. NP3300 terrible reception
  159. My Remote app no longer finds NP3500
  160. Unable to stream Flaix FM
  161. NP3500 UPnP control
  162. NP2900 napster and deezer
  163. NP1100/05 - some internet radio stations not working
  164. NP2500 Latest Firmware upgrade (B16.25S) has been released
  165. NP2900 Latest Firmware upgrade (B16.25S) has been released
  166. SW upgrade NP3500 (VG5.74s)/ 3700(VE3.23S)/ 3900(VG5.74S)
  167. NP3900 Software Update disaster: No play-to WMP and mobile applications unusable.
  168. NP3300 (SW H519S) firmware release
  169. NP3700/12 Automatic switching off internetradio
  170. Deezer and NP2900
  171. NP3700 - Empty list when trying to connect to Internet radio or Online services
  172. Please add Air Studio+ support for NP serie
  173. NP3900 compatibility
  174. SW upgrade NP2500 / NP2900 (SW B1627S), NP3700 (SW E325S), NP3300 (SW H520S)
  175. SW upgrade for NP-3500 / NP-3900
  176. Detect DLNA Media Server
  177. AirPlay to NP3900
  178. NP3300 Spotify crashes with white screen after a few minutes
  179. Planned maintenance on MyPhilips and internet radio servers
  180. Streamium NP2500 Mybook Live ITunes Playlist problem
  181. NP3700/12 Freeze Issues
  182. NP3300 does not exit firmware download mode anymore
  183. My NP2900 can't connect to Internet Radio
  184. Can't access Streamium Management
  185. NP 3900/12 can not start on the latest download
  186. post-Streamium?
  187. Problem with stramium management - error 403
  188. Bought the Philips NP3300, but can't find the SimplyShare code...
  189. NP2500/12: firmware still at VB11.30S.
  190. np2900 podcast new interface wont work
  191. NP2900 with B16.27S problems
  192. Streamium managment for NP2500 not on product page
  193. NP3500 with latest firmware locks up every 2/3 minutes
  194. NP 2900/12 no longer streaming BBC radio since
  195. Album view the tracks are listed in Alphabetic order and play in that order
  196. reset NP3900/12?
  197. There is no URL to Streamium Managment on the product page.
  198. Endless recovering
  199. Need the Twonky Media key
  200. Streamium managment for NP3900/12 not on product page
  201. Playlists won't load at all with Spotify premium in Np3500/12
  202. NP1100: status remains 'connecting'. start not completed
  203. No access to streamium management
  204. Again "can not access online service" message in Streamium NP2500/37
  205. NP3500/12 freezes after 2-3 minutes
  206. Accuweather display dissappeared
  207. satations verwijderen uit favorieten
  208. Radio reboot after selection favorit station
  209. NP2900 how to open chassis
  210. NP2500 grey screen
  211. NP3900 crashes
  212. Never ending software update for NP3300
  213. Missing belgium national radios
  214. Never ending update process for NP3300 (reopen post please)
  215. Play from network??
  216. NP2900 still able to receive all those Internet radio stations?
  217. NP3300 Won't Turn On
  218. NP3700 - streaming from music cloud
  219. NP2500 - problem Streamium management
  220. Never ending update process for NP3300 (reopened)
  221. URL Network Music Player Device Manager
  222. Never ending software update for NP3300 : reopen again .. please for the last time !
  223. NP2900 & Synology NAS UPnP / DLNA
  224. WPA2 major security issue - KRACK
  225. NP3700 Cannot connect to <online service>