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  1. 32PFL5007H and skype
  2. 32PFL3517T remote control
  3. hi i have a 58pfl9956t 21:9 tv but no remote does any philips remote work?
  4. Apple Macintosh
  5. USB TV Camera For 32PFL4007T
  6. 37pfl8605H/12
  7. Blue Screen...
  8. Audio problem with television Philips with external incomes
  9. 4307
  10. TV has a mind of it's own.
  11. Poll test
  12. 21:9 TVs and players questions
  13. problem with LCD TV 42PFL3007H........
  14. Browse network: "Cannot find server"
  15. problem with 32PFL3517 white lines
  16. white marks on screen pfl8605
  17. subtitles in txt format
  18. delayed sound on image (55PFL8007K/12)
  19. Sound on Bose Lifestyle 235 from NetTV and Browse PC (music)
  20. Screen broken - should i fix it?
  21. Dark corners on 55PFL5507H
  22. New AV Board - will it work in Australia
  23. Difference between the PFL5507H and PFL5507K
  24. Philips 19PFL5522D/05 Blue screen
  25. Philips 42PFL7456H12 speaker problem, or normal behavior?
  26. Ambilight on for no reason ???
  27. Philips BDL4631V
  28. VESA Compliant ?
  29. Screws for Tabletop Stand
  30. 32PFL3403/12 error codes
  31. vertical shadows on 46pfl9705
  32. 40PFL5007H/12 out of sync subtitles while watching video from usb
  33. TV will not turn on
  34. TV doesn't turn on
  35. tv turns off by itself.
  36. Pc speakers
  37. Smart TV ans Skype
  38. 32PF5331/12 sound ok, but no images
  39. 40PFL5507 clicking sound issue
  40. Tv 32PFL5604H/12 no audio
  41. lost image 32PFL9604H/12
  42. XXPFL6007 Error codes
  43. Black screen and tv is on with audio
  44. 52PFL7403D/F7 Original SAM menu RGB Align settings?
  45. Trying to fix my Philips 47PFL7432D137 TV; Won't turn on
  46. 32PFL3606H/58 Uncommon problem
  47. 26pfl5522d/12
  48. TV goes on/off spontaneously
  49. DTR220/05 Freeview STB frequent freezing/hanging
  50. No Power Up
  51. TV Not Turning On
  52. need a spec for the upcoming PFL9707
  53. 32PFL4505D/F7 stuck cycling through colours
  54. 32PFL3017H TV issues
  55. Cannot turn my 42PF9641D on
  56. upgrade dvb-t tuner to dvb-t2 on 55pfl6007h/12
  57. Teletext
  58. no tv guide available
  59. small rectangle coming upon on right middle screen when I turn it on but goes away
  60. Problems with 32PFL9613D/10
  61. No picture.
  62. TV not Turning on
  63. 32pfk5603d/10 stand screws
  64. Remote control for professional tv
  65. Clouding on Philips 40PFL5007K/12
  66. subtitle in hebrew
  68. Philips 32PFL4007H/12 on PC
  69. LED-tv Smart 40PFL5527T/12 as pc-display/screen goes black and back on again radomly
  70. 32PFL3605H power cord
  71. Panel has just stopped working on my 42PFL-9803
  72. Philips 47PFL6007T
  73. Please help me find a 37" Philips TV
  74. television screen PFL5007K/12 and 5507
  75. TV: 32PFL5522D/05 Wall Mounting Screw Size
  76. I need help deciding which Philips TV to buy
  77. Philips 40PFL5507H/12 Standby Light Blinks Twice
  78. My experience with Philips in English (request Moderator)
  79. Voltage on Philips TV
  80. xxPFL3807-series: additional unpack instructions.
  81. PFL5507 new panel?
  82. Broken Philips PFL 5507T60 after months of operation
  83. Beamer ppx 2450
  84. PVM question - 42PFL4007H/12
  85. Philips 46PFL8605H restarts and red light blinking.
  86. Stuck with blinking standby light
  87. 40pfl4706
  88. Troubles with lcd 37pfl
  89. philips pfl 9706
  90. Picture stuck on Philips LCD TV 40PFL7505D
  91. On-Screen Error Message
  92. 7606 White corners
  93. Error message - two usb devices
  94. 47pfl5603d/f7 LCD powers on then screen goes blank
  95. TV 42pfl7606h/12 & tnt HD
  96. Network data changed
  97. Problem reading large MKV files
  98. HDT8520/05 Recording Problem
  99. Identifying different panels on the 40" PFL55 series
  100. stand bolt size for 42PFL3603D/F7?
  101. Anyone know the size of mounting steel screws for MG 8-42" KL stand for Phillips 42PF
  102. I have a problem in my tv 46PFL9705
  103. Ambilight defect?
  104. Volume Control Problem With External Speakers (40pfl5007h)
  105. Moderator's help please
  106. picopix 2480 ac3 supprto after firmware upgrade
  107. TV 32PFL4017, comprei a menos de 15 dias, não consigo assistir travou tudo
  108. Problem with Audio Description
  109. Problemas com imagem tv 42 smart tv pfl4007g/78
  110. Sync problems with srt subs
  111. "no video signal" screen
  112. 47pfl6877h -
  113. 42PFL7606H/12 - "no video signal"
  114. A true "successor" to the 32PFL5606H TV? (A 32PFL5606H with 3D and high refresh.)
  115. Philips MyRemote App (issue with epg over network).
  116. customer care experiance
  117. Forward and rewind .avi from NAS TS-212 not possible
  118. LCD TV Error Code 1 long 2 short HELP!
  119. 42pfl6007 h12 dse
  120. 42PFL6007H problem
  121. Remote stopped working
  122. Sound dropping when switching from TV to DVD
  123. DSR5020 switching ON and OFF after being supplied
  124. 32pfl407h, TV sound falls when switching from TV to DVD
  125. MHEG-5 which is needed for digital tele text
  126. Remote for 42pfl7666t original please????
  127. HDT8520 Software Bug? SD/HD Pop Up
  128. Vertical banding during panning shots in light backgrounds (e.g. footballpitch)
  129. 40pfl8007 leaking light?
  130. tv philips message
  131. picture aspect
  132. 37pfl5604h/12 - Remote Control Not Working
  133. Dark lines/smudges on screen 46PFL7605H/12
  134. 32PFL5606S/98 twice black out/ power failure!
  135. incidental interrupted sound and blocks in the picture
  136. 42/32PFL 4007H/12 - Few questions
  137. Problems whith Welcome Logo
  138. Sound 46pfl7007t
  139. 40pfl5507 remote control compatibility
  140. TV 40PFL5507H/12 and registration product
  141. Philips 32pfl9604
  142. HMP5000/12 Firmware 1247 HDMI problem
  143. Horizontal black line + right side of tv black, disappears after a while
  144. Wireless TVLink
  145. Philips SmartTV = DUMDTV
  146. Philips 37 PFL5522D/05 will not switch on
  147. Philips 37 PFL5522D/05 TV will not switch on
  148. Ambilight on 47PFL6877T\12
  149. problems with Model: 42PDL7906H/12
  150. Philips Remote SRU 6008 in combination with Philips TV 8007
  151. Mounting for 22PFL3207H
  152. LED TV service center in Cavite
  153. up or down
  154. Black sreen - 42PFL6007H
  155. Black screen - 42PFL6007H
  156. Remove base from 32PFL3504?
  157. Philips 32PFL5405H/12 doesn't switch on.
  158. Noise problem with a 40PFL8606H
  159. I can't turn on the TV
  160. Remote control
  161. 40PFL7007 has started to startup automatically
  162. when resetting 40PFL7007 USB disk with recordings are not recognized
  163. jim58
  164. Making my television as an extended monitor
  165. Sound doesn't work on a philips 273elh
  166. Dirty Screen Effect
  167. EasyLink conflict between TV and Bluray Player
  168. Compatible ?
  169. Compatible ?
  170. Has my TV had it after just 3 years?
  171. Compatible ?
  172. TV 26PFL5604H no diashow with music
  173. Cannot install Wi-Fi Media Connector
  174. 32PFL3506 Phillips Tv (Shuts down & restarts at Random)
  175. Philips 42PF9830/10 start problemen
  176. Please help
  177. 42PF5521D 42"HD Ready Plasma TV has blown up
  178. dynamic backlight failure
  179. 37pfl5603d
  180. Black screen
  181. Delete key using Remote Control
  182. Philips 47" 3D LED Smart TV 47PFL6907T UBS Issue?
  183. problemy z tv 32PFL3207H/12
  184. Stand screws for Philips 42PFL5522D/05
  185. TV 32PFL3207H/12 nie odbiera sygnału od dekodera HD
  186. 32PFL2807H Audio Problem
  187. 40 PFL and trouble on the screen
  188. EPG is one hour late.
  189. 273ELH Monitor poor quality view
  190. question about picopix mp4 models
  191. Edge lit WITH local dimming
  192. How to fix my Infrared Lamp HP3616
  193. Remote control not working in NetTV
  194. Philips 42" tv screen shuts off at random intervals
  195. My TV (47PFL6007T/12) won´t work anymore
  196. 19PFL5522D/12 can't switch it on
  197. Help!!!
  198. 42PFL9632D/79 No Picture
  199. HDMI problems with AUREA 42PFL9900D/10 and Ziggo HUMAX 5100
  200. 40PFL7007H lip sync issue using internal tuner.
  201. can't connect 32PFL4907 wifimediaconnect with mac 10.6.8
  202. TV switches off when playing Xbox
  203. Audio and video synchronization
  204. blinking red light (3 times)
  205. no picture
  206. 42PES0001D/10HUB Dark picture
  207. Bad picture on fast movements 42PFL4007T
  208. Lounge Ambilight
  209. Reset
  210. Wireless adapter found message
  211. Red light of the TV wink
  212. Why aren't US philips televisions jointspace compatible?
  213. 32plf7675h/12 keeps rebooting every few seconds
  214. HDT8520 picture stutter
  215. Can Philips TV: 40PFL9704H record through SMART TV?
  216. Casino tv
  217. 231TE4L TV Monitor is not a monitor, or maybe I just need help
  218. Choppy picture/vertican banding issue with 42PFL4007T
  219. Stand for Philips tv (CRP682/01)
  220. Digital Terrestrial Recorder Model HDT 8520
  221. How do I play HD MKV files?
  222. 37pfl4007t/12
  223. 32PFL5604H/12 1/4 of the screen is dark
  224. Color space - Philips TV 42PFL 8404H
  225. cannot open a TV program from the "program guide" menu
  226. Hdt8520 recording problem
  227. Philips Flat TV Wont switch on
  228. UPnP Interface for 42PFL6007K works unstable
  229. 42pfl3207
  230. Dark color / Picture distortion
  231. Register 55PFL55007H/12
  232. TV self switch on
  233. kind of usb to use
  234. Brocken mother board
  235. 32pf9830/10 Cineos Ambilight TV Set
  236. how to get my dtv to work
  237. order of my pictures in a diaporama ( using an USB key )
  238. 20HF5474/10 vereuillé
  239. New TV...Sound No Picture
  240. How do i connect my philips 55' lcd model# 50pfl3807/f7 to my cpu?
  241. No sound when switching tv off and immediately on again
  242. 42pdl7906h keeps asking for updates
  243. quastion i get black horizontal bars
  244. Need some info regarding the Philips 42PFL6907H
  245. No picture
  246. tv extended warranty
  247. MyRemote - Wi-Fi Smart Screen not playing
  248. 46PFL7605H with an icon that wont dissapear
  249. Will my tv work in the United States
  250. 37PFL6606M/08 Can't be repaired