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  1. Cannot Update the new GoGear RAGA SA4RGA04BF/97
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  3. Release version for GoGear Vibe4 (SA4VBE) FW 1.11
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  6. Release version for GoGear Muse (SA4MUS) - FW 1.12
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  8. AC adaptor for SA4VBE08KF/12
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  10. Stuck in Demo Mode
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  13. My RAGA4 (SA4RGA02KF/12) is unable to update firmware with Songbird
  14. Philips GOGEAR RAGA 4 SA4RGA02KF/12: goods and bads
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  16. Songbird reinstall issue
  17. New Firmware release 1.11 for SA4RGA/12
  18. Need a customizable Equalizer option for my RAGA Mp3 player & help withother glitches
  19. Request for new firmware: Better FM Radio RECORDING QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. What is this slot?
  21. GoGear Ariaz 8GB SA4ARA08KF/97 stuck on Updating 30%. Not recognized in SongBird.
  22. GoGear Ariaz 8GB Suggestions
  23. Can it play in 'Folder order'?
  24. Help me, please
  25. Car Audio
  26. Help - GoGEAR Raga SA4RGA04PN/12
  27. Only shows about 1/2 songs loaded? SA4RGA04KF/37
  28. GoGear Ariaz - sort by track number
  29. upgrade v1.14
  30. backlight timer not working
  31. Songbird software not starting on XP and sa4rga04kn/12 cannot be switched on
  32. Error when updating Firmware
  33. Usability improvements
  34. Album covers on SA4VBE08KN/12?
  35. Unable to update the firmware.
  36. Video Files Not Recognized
  37. Problems with Songbird
  38. certain songs in the same album will not transfer onto my player
  39. SA4BE08SN/12 download problem solved
  40. Ariaz 4GB not recognised by Windows 7
  41. Philips 16GB Gogear Ariaz SA4-series MP3/MP4 Player - Playback Speed Control?
  42. Radio
  43. Album covers on SA4VBE08KN/12
  44. Is there a way to manage 2 different MP3 Players on same PC
  45. SA4MUS16KF/12 Muse freezes!!!
  46. Philips GoGEAR Vibe 8GB
  47. SoundDot playback resume & memory
  48. SA4RGA Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.15) has been released
  49. SA4RGA02KN/12- shuffle not working
  50. Howto remove the pre-installed playlists on-the-go?
  51. Songbird Synchronization problem
  52. Playlist file type not recognised by GoGEAR
  53. HOW TO > Load Music from my Hard drive to the Phillips Player ?
  54. Sa4vbe04kn/12
  55. Volume loudness
  56. Micro SD card crash
  57. Can't update firmware
  58. SA4ARA08KF/12 speakers not working
  59. "unofficial" firmware with volume limitation removed
  60. DRM License not transferred
  61. No vocals
  62. question about the GoGear
  63. Audio Book
  64. Shuffle Function Not Working
  65. Songs doesnot get recoginzed by device
  66. Folder view ...issue
  67. Philips Songbird Repair my Philips Device application malfunction.
  68. Album track order wrong - tenth track only
  69. Home-made compilation albums not recognised
  70. How to disable the speaker?
  71. screen just flashes
  72. Philips Songbird misbehaving
  73. unrandom random reading
  74. MP3 Player
  75. Include the model number
  76. Muse Slooow startup - SA4MUS08KF/12
  77. Other Muse issues....SA4MUS08KF/12
  78. Go Gear Ariaz won't turn on
  79. Albums play tracks in random order????
  80. DRM license not available
  81. Language becomes Czech (?) each time player is turned on
  82. Ariaz SA4ARA16KF/37 does not start from last point stopped
  83. Philips GoGear Raga SA4RGA04KN problems
  84. Gogear Raga 4gb SA4RGA04/kn12 upgrade issues
  85. Raga playlists keep getting corrupted
  86. GoGear Ariaz will not play WMV
  87. Add music
  88. Problems with SA4RGA04KF/12
  89. No Album Covers on Ariaz GoGear SA4
  90. "Unknown Genre" in Genre listing
  91. Making a playlist without Songbird
  92. SA4MUS16KF/12 problem with playing WAV files
  93. It wants me to activate before playing Audible Books...
  94. Wrong Track Order [SA4VBE04KN/12]
  95. Is there a way to obtain older firmwares?
  96. sa4rga04rf/12 - i can't update firmware
  97. SA4VBE08KN/12 does not work
  98. SA4RGA firmware version 1.03 released
  99. SA4VBE latest firmware upgrade(v1.20) has been released
  100. Can i voice record ?
  101. new file formats / faster song change & couple other things
  102. Having problems with Ariaz sa4ara04kf/12
  103. Philips GoGEAR Muse SA4MUS08KF problems
  104. oneclick digital
  105. m4b codec support?
  106. Looking for the radio option on Philips RAGA
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  108. Philips GoGear Vibe 4Gb Problems
  109. Playback method on RaGa (4GB model)
  110. Track Listing not in numerical order
  111. Having problems with GoGear 8GB model
  112. GoGear Vibe 4Gb not compatible with Songbird playlists
  113. Can't update my GoGear RAGA SA4RGA04KF/97 firmware.
  114. Playlist track order for SA4ARA08KF/97
  115. my GoGear vibe plays 2 tracks then switches off...
  116. Gogear Tap 4.3 - UTF support
  117. ariaz video ouput format
  118. Problems with volume button SA4VBE04PN
  119. MTP mode
  120. download to my mp3 player
  121. My mp4 player turns off after 30 seconds
  122. Sa4act04on
  123. mp3 files stop after 1 min of playing and skip to the next one
  124. GoGear MUSE bricked
  125. GoGear Raga
  126. Too Loud!!
  127. GoGear Vibe plays Album tracks in Alphabetic order
  128. mp3 player turns off suddenly and won't turn on
  129. Random track order - not alphabetic or numeric
  130. GoGear Vibe SA4 does not recognise playlists
  131. Audiobooks being transferred as MP3 music files.
  132. Error checking for new firmware
  133. Bluetooth not working in GoGear Azure SA5AZU08KF/12
  134. Player turning off after pause
  135. ? about charging MP4 player for the first time
  136. GoGear Vibe will not recognise albums
  137. what headphones?
  138. Can not import playlists and album plays in wrong order.
  139. compatable headphones
  140. Error doesn't go away and songbird doesn't recognize device
  141. Go gear USB connection
  142. Playlist not imported
  143. Philips Gogear sounddot SA4DOT02WN
  144. Playlists
  145. SA4GA04KN How to over rule SafeSound?
  146. Can't update the firmware via Songbird of my mp4 GoGear Vibe SA4VBE
  147. Broken Screen On Philips GoGear SA4VBE
  148. Techno phobe needs help with MP4 player
  149. difficulty with Songbird
  150. humming sound in background of downloaded podcasts
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  156. SA4RGA/12 - Firmware 1.17 - issues with resuming playlists, strange chars (repost)
  157. Issue Downloading Support Software
  158. SA4VBE04KF error during "repair my device" and mp4 doesn't switch on
  159. Latest firmware version for SA4VBE08RF/97
  160. My gogear vibe SA4VBE04RN freezes on startup :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  161. Serious problem with my mp4 player GoGear
  162. GoGEAR VIBE sin radio
  163. Maximum volume
  164. can't see files or folders in folder view SA4RGA04
  165. My Go Gear crashes when I connect to a PC
  166. GoGear Azure SA5AZ Not Sorting Files Alphabetically
  167. Compatibility with Chrome OS
  168. Go Gear Vibe - video playing issues
  169. Play songs in Album order
  170. Can't find
  171. Can't detect my device SA4RGA04KF/97 from computer
  172. Not seeing Songbird Created Playlists listed on the GoGear Vibe SA4VBE08RF/97
  173. SA5AZU04KF/12: any improvements after 2+ years?
  174. Track PlayOrder
  175. Go Gear Vibe volume setting
  176. Adjusting screen brightness
  177. Shuffle
  178. Faulty track reordering
  179. Setup problems
  180. How to trasfer audio books from pc to GoGear?
  181. epic fail - Go Gear VIBE
  182. audiobook shutdown
  183. setup?
  184. Go Gear Plays tracks in alphabetical order
  185. Philips GoGear Vibe & mac
  186. problem Download new tracks
  187. My Raga has developed distorted sound
  188. Songbird
  189. Go Gear Vibe MP3 player not recharging and computer can't locate it
  190. setting the date and time
  191. The sound on my MP4 isn't working properly
  192. Gogear Ariaz connects to bluetooth speaker but produces no sound
  193. Phillips gogear vibe mp4 player
  194. SA4VBE repair
  195. SA4VBE and Chrome OS
  196. My SA4VBE08KF/12 problems
  197. File Management Software for SA4VBE
  198. SA4RGA04KFS/97 not functioning anymore
  199. SA4VBE08 won't load playlists anymore
  200. Go Gear Vibe not responding
  201. Not able to repair GoGear Azure (SA5AZU08KF/12)
  202. Another couple of questions about playlits
  203. pairing SA5AZU08KF/12 via SHB3075BL/00 falied
  204. Songs playing in alphabetical order