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  1. Philips Smartphone App.
  2. New "MyRemote" App's launched.
  3. My Remote App shuts down when trying to use the "keyboard" feature
  4. My Remote App - no direct access to SAT Tuner for 46PFL9705K
  5. Bdp8000 myremote?
  6. 46PFL9704H TV Can't make it to work with iPad philips myremote app
  7. MyRemote for Symbian or W7-Mobile?
  8. Keyboard now works, but slideshow not working properly on iPad 2
  9. 9-button screen does not work
  10. MyRemote slideshow
  11. MyRemote in North America App Store
  12. HTC Wildfire
  13. TV prerequisites for "MyRemote" Apps.
  14. Missing a source
  15. Images are not shown for Slideshow after sync, restart of iPhone necessary
  16. Android support for BDP7500S2
  17. Some important details are missing in description in Android Market
  18. Watch TV vs. DVB-S
  19. Availability for Android tablets
  20. Myremote for PFL9604
  21. keyboard error
  22. crashes every time
  23. Myremote also discussed on Facebook.
  24. What about the MCI500??
  25. 42pfl8404 and milestone 2
  26. I working great but missing....
  27. remote control for Nokia n900
  28. Myremote APK needed
  29. Cannot turn on my 21:9 TV with myremote running on apple ipad
  30. Crash while connecting
  31. 37PFL8605K/02 doesn't work
  32. 32pfl9705/k02 - Samsung Galaxy S2 - android
  33. MyRemote with Motorola Xoom
  34. PhilpsMyRemote with HTS9140
  35. MyRemote for iPad or as a universal app?
  36. My Remote with NP 3500
  37. Apphance - Error Log - MyRemote
  38. Keyboard mismatch between iPhone and TV screen
  39. Android patch 1.0.3
  40. Cinema 21/9
  41. MyRemote on sony ericson xperia X10 pro mini
  42. Iphone cant detect smart tv
  43. Waiting for MCi298/12?
  44. My phone HTC Incredible S finds the TV but when i try to control it nothing happens
  45. 46pfl9704h/12 firmware upgrade does't start!
  46. When will it work with hts9540 ?
  47. 2way traffic with myremote
  48. Myremote, keyboard function missing for BDP5200 (and touchpad)
  49. What kind of smartphone do you use with the myremote app ??
  50. App crashes on Samsung Gio
  51. TV prerequisites for "MyRemote" Apps.
  52. TV prerequisites for "MyRemote" Apps.
  53. New "MyRemote" Apps. (incl. compatibility list).
  54. New "MyRemote" Apps. (incl. compatibility list).
  55. 37PFL7605H/12 and HTC no connection
  56. Connection drops
  57. MyRemote for older devices?
  58. can't find device
  59. MyRemote support for SoundHub HTS5220
  60. 46PFL9705 and Android TV remote...
  61. [Wish] Faster reconnect
  62. MyRemote for Android 2.2 Froyo
  63. MyRemote for Streamium NP3700
  64. Release notes "MyRemote" app for Android.
  65. Device discovery time
  66. My remote App
  67. MyRemote with Asus Transformer 101 Android 3.2
  68. myremote synchronization
  69. Remote for Symbian? PLEASE!!
  70. 'Living Room' in screenshot
  71. Android 1.5 and MyRemote needed!
  72. Streaming from Tv to iPhone/iPad/PC
  73. Mci730
  74. Don't work with new firmware
  75. Keyboard in ipad
  76. wired tv access
  77. MyRemote and NP3900
  78. Please add bluetooth + wifi media connect for android/ apple
  79. lg optimus 3d
  80. Does anybody know myremote can switch the source?
  81. Wishlist MyRemote for Android
  82. Can't find device HTS5582 from HTC Desire
  83. android 2.3.3
  84. 55pfl7606
  85. MyRemote
  86. TV 46PFL8605 connected to Samsung Galaxy tab. 10.1 (GT-P7500) - not operational?
  87. where can I get MyRemote for Iphone.
  88. MyRemote NOT working between iPhone4 iOS5 and Net TV 9000 Series
  89. MyRemote still doesn't work with BDP8000
  90. Philips BDP7600/12 + Nexus S
  91. BDP3200 with wi fi adapter and my remote app
  92. Smart TV 40PFL7606D/77 + Samsung I5500
  93. [Problem] App jumps always to main screen 2 after pressing subtitle button on page 1
  94. LivingColors
  95. [BUG REPORT] Play/pause control out of sync with player
  96. MyRemote 1.0.4 + Samsung Galaxy S2 (SGS2) - not working
  97. keyboard problems using myRemote
  98. Slideshow
  99. Blu-ray player BDP9100/12
  100. UPC box
  101. AirPlay for MyRemote
  102. [BUG REPORT] MyRemote can't scroll past Bananarama
  103. Myremote - HTS9520
  104. SimplyShare vs MyRemote
  105. MyRemote is not available for IPhone
  106. MyRemote and Samsung GT5570
  107. mci 500, Wac 7500 and other old sreamium devices not supported
  108. BDP7600# My Remote App support for IPhone
  109. Can't find MyRemote at Android Market
  110. MyRemote thumbnail/list/grid browsing of uPNP server
  111. Comparing iOS MyRemote startup time with Android version
  112. Hts9700
  113. Not working for HTS3271 soundhub
  114. Missing function - Watch satellite
  115. MyRemote on Galaxy Tab does not detect HTS4562
  116. feature request: move app to SD
  117. Dragon tv
  118. MyRemote for Android tablets
  119. iPhone Application Development
  120. MyRemote unable to detect devices.
  121. no keyboard function samsung nexus and asus transformer tf101
  122. HTC Desire HD // 52PFL8605K
  123. Does MyRemote only work with WiFi?
  124. 40pfl660h /12
  125. My Remote does not not detect TV 37PFL9604H
  126. Regarding text input on Bluray players
  127. 46PFL7655 K/02 wit Galaxy Ace
  128. MyRemote App Update ??
  129. Display Pictures with the Philips Remote App
  130. Your experiences with MyRemote v2.0 for Android?
  131. Myremote 2.0 for Ipad not available yet?
  132. I don't get the “jointspace” activated
  133. I can't find my device?
  134. 40PFL9704 and MyRemote: issues
  135. pc detect
  136. Your experiences with MyRemote v2.0 for iOS (iPhone/iPad).
  137. Galaxy S2 doesnot find the tv
  138. Sticked in Searching for playback devices
  139. Works only now and then
  140. Remote app HD on iPad 1 and 42pfl7656k - issue with program guide
  141. MyRemote Compatibilty 58PFL9955H
  142. Release notes "MyRemote" app for Apple iOS.
  143. Mci500H
  144. UPnP must be enabled on the WiFi network for the app to work!
  145. Can't find the iPhone/iPad app
  146. Controlling the HTS7202/12 with htc desire
  147. Manually setup TV in MyRemoteApp / direct IP communication?
  148. Technical requirements?
  149. my remote 2.0.1 fur tablet android
  150. remote does not work with iPad and iPhone
  151. MyRemote 2.0
  152. WiFi Device
  153. Philips MyRemote HD 2.1.0 28-3-2012
  154. Your experiences with MyRemote v2.1 for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  155. my remote app doen't work with bdp8000
  156. MyRemote for iOS 3.1.3
  157. Any plans for windows phone 7.5?
  158. HTS 9520 not 'seen' by My Remote App
  159. Is HTS9140 supported by MyRemote?
  160. SimpleShare: Only Music is offered
  161. bdp9600 not suported?
  162. My remote not working with 56PFL9954H/12
  163. Myremote app more platforms please
  164. SimpleShare in MyRemote does not play files on HTS7202
  165. Don't miss any opportunity to learn
  166. BDP5500 not supported
  167. No Philips icon on Asus Transformer
  168. myRemote 2.0: Suggestions for improvements/new features
  169. My Remote App - Apple PhilipsMyRemote not working as 'Remote Control' for 32PFL3517H
  170. Can't connect to 42PFL7696T/12 via' Philips My Remote' app
  171. MyRemote does not longer works with 52 PFL 8605 K/02
  172. Tips for the frustrated Philips 7+ Android 4 tablet user
  173. Philips MyRemote App for Iphone 3G !?
  174. Error: MyRemote on Nook Tablet
  175. 32PFL7606H is not visible in Control section
  176. SimplyShare in MyRemote
  177. Voice Answer Free
  178. HMP5000 Network folder browsing
  179. MyRemote gets a lot of space
  180. connection with pta01
  181. MyRemote to big for Small Android Tablet missing buttons
  182. SimplyShare iPad APP(Myremote)
  183. Cant run the videos on the playback device
  184. iPhone app doesn't find my TV
  185. Remote works on wifi, but not on wired
  186. Using MyRemote On HTS9221/12
  187. MyRemote App: Can`t find my tv (46pfl9706k/02)
  188. SimplyShare / MyRemote ?? Lost!
  189. Text in slideshow
  190. myremote not in app store... how can i download?
  191. SWIPE functionality
  192. My remote apple doesn't work
  193. MyRemote with BDP3280/05
  194. MyRemote Problems with MCI298
  195. myremote wont work via a network switch on wifi network
  196. SimplyShare shortcommings
  197. SimplyShare and Ipad - video questions
  198. iPhone 4 cannot find 37PFL6007H/12
  199. iPhone 4 cannot find device 37pfl4007h/12
  200. SimpleShare app on iphone 4 doesn't find TV
  201. Your experiences with MyRemote v2.3.0 for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  202. 42pfl9664h/12
  203. Can´t find TV 42pfl7676 with smart phone.
  204. Issues with Electronic Program Guide
  205. TV code for My Remote
  206. Your experiences with MyRemote v2.3 for Android.
  207. myremote not working with HTS3271
  208. I can't find TV LED 42" model 42PFL4007 with my Galaxy S2 MyRemote APP
  209. Streamium compatability
  210. HMP7001 problem
  211. Wacs7500/12
  212. Windows Phone 7.x/8 app
  213. sd card content via simply share
  214. Download MyRemote on iPhone 4S
  215. Problem: music of NP3500 turn off when moving to different app
  216. Swipe Function ??
  217. MyRemote
  218. HTS9140/12 with MYREMOTE app doesn't work
  219. Can not find 9705 on the network
  220. My Remote App - Apple Release of WIFI smartscreen
  221. 37PFL8404H/12: myremote ok - simplyshare keeps searching playback devices
  222. Your experiences with MyRemote HD for iPad (Version 3.1.0)
  223. somplyshare and iPhone video
  224. Streaming Photos from iPhone to TV via Remote APP
  225. SimlpyShare not working
  226. My Remote Symbian
  227. My remote app doesn't work anyhmore after Update or Update sotware TV
  228. US APP Store
  229. Diashow shows photo 50% size
  230. my remote simply share no video
  231. MyRemote app over wifi
  232. Power on tv from app?
  233. SimplyShare only loading and smart screen not working
  234. SimplyShare > App MyRemote Philips
  235. Bad volume Control
  236. MyRemote doesn´t find HTS5582
  237. Keyboard not werking in MyRemote
  238. SimplyShare & MyRemote APP for BB PLAYBOOK
  239. SimplyShare & MyRemote APP for BB PLAYBOOK
  240. Missing picture albums
  241. SimplyShare doesn't find TV
  242. Simply share activation key needed plz
  243. Simplyshare dmr_disabled
  244. activate jointspace for myremote
  245. Wifi smart screen
  246. Philips MyRemote with HTS5582
  247. Net tv on ipad
  248. Mobile Code to see EPG on My Remote iPad
  249. WiFi Smart Screen on ANDROID MyRemote app
  250. Improvements vwith version 3.13 MyRemote app