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  1. connect TV sound on Sound Home Cinéma
  2. Picture disappears but audio continues when connected via HDMI
  3. Help with ARC in philips 47' 4606
  4. No Sound from DVD reader connected to HDMI
  5. digital sound stutters regulary.
  6. Interrelated settings for EXT1 & EXT2 correct ???
  7. Burn-in on Cinema Gold 50?
  8. Cant see display through DVI>HDMI via PC
  9. What version of HDMI is on my tv?
  10. VGA connection problem.
  11. Sound problem 40PFL9704h/12
  12. No sound from 40PFL7705DV's coax digital output to soundbar
  13. Sound out of sync / delayed after purchase of Philips TV ?
  14. easy-link problem
  15. 42pfl7406h/12 hdmi fail
  16. 37pfl9732D/10 HDMI problem
  17. Connect PFL7803D/10 and HTS3261
  18. Philips 42PF9946/12 blu-ray throug VGA problems
  19. siutable DVD for 32PFL7962D/05
  20. Play bluray disk from PC to TV
  21. 46PFL5537H/12 doesn't detect hdmi signals
  22. 40PFL5606H/12 need to redetect HDMI
  23. FAULT: Colour Distortion on Philips LCD TV
  24. Ext 2: YPbPr
  25. What type of connection should I use?
  26. 46PFL7705D/F7 fails to receive HDMI signal from Sony Blu Ray Player
  27. [42PFL7606-H] Bad image on all HDMI and VGA inputs
  28. 46PFL5507H/12 lost image and sound with HDMI connection
  29. Auto detected device problem
  30. Does my new 40PFL7705DV/F7 have ARC?
  31. 32PFL5606H/12 HDMI Problems
  32. No Sound with DVI/HDMI & RCA-Y Cable
  33. Colour distortion when connecting Mac Mini to 42PFL8684H/12
  34. Auto fill does not work properly
  35. No audio when connect Laptop Trough HDMI to LCD
  36. tv as monitor
  37. Dolby Digital to Analog
  38. 8007 "Picture shift" is not working
  39. No sound from tv when dvd player connected
  40. 'Video not supported' message on TV after connecting HDMI cable frpm computer
  41. 40pfl5206h/12 hdmi
  42. Automatically use Home Cinema System for TV Audio
  43. Hard disk (320 Gb, USB 2.0) not recognised on 46PFL8686H
  44. Connecting wireless headphones
  45. 37PFL5603D/10 HDMI and SCART video problem
  46. No sound on 46PFL8007 from bluray
  47. audio optical output format 2011 devices
  48. Using Toslink (TV settings)
  49. 46pfl6606 no tv sound through phillips hts 5320
  50. No volume control on S/Pdif coaxial digital output
  51. Cannot get TV audio through my surround sound
  52. Connecting wireless headphones (2)
  53. my 40pfl4706/f7
  54. Sound issues on 55PFL8007T
  55. 7606/7656 (42") - (Nintendo / Sega) HELP !!!!
  56. Sound problem connecting PS3
  57. DVD player "No video signal"
  58. No video signal
  59. Linking sky eye
  60. HDMI no video signal problem
  61. Jerky video playback from PC-HDMI to TV.
  62. No Sound via HDMI from my Multimedia HDD on a 55PFL7007
  63. No picture from my laptop via HDMI
  64. no sound from xtreamer prodigy connected with hdmi
  65. PC -> Philips 5000 via HDMI "loss of signal"
  66. Canging Inputs
  67. KPN Digitenne & 4000 series (Netherlands)
  68. Hdmi arc
  69. EN Digital Terrestrial Receiver DTR 230
  70. Onnecting of 42PFL7665H TV to Mini Fi Fi Audio Music Set
  71. No picture or sound
  72. TV not turning on
  73. Can't get 1080p with 7000 series tv via HDMI connected to PC
  74. HDMI disappeared from Source list
  75. Apple TV in, Audio Out?
  76. 40PFL7605 no sound ARC with Yamaha rx v371
  77. 32PFL4505D F7 - no sound on Soundbar
  78. No signal between PC and TV
  79. 37PFL6606H -How to listen to TV on home cinema system
  80. 37PFL6606H -How to connect sound system (Sony) to TV
  81. Pc (HDMI) - problem with the colours on TV 42PFL7864H/12
  82. 55PFL6007T HDMI ARC against Pioneer VSX-921 BIG PROBLEMS!!!
  83. 32PFL3517H and switching between HDMI ports (2 computers)
  84. Hdmi arc
  85. 58 PFL9956 and Stereo amplifier sound, how to do that?
  86. I only have HDMI 1 in my list of sources
  87. wireless keyboard/mouse
  88. No audio just static sound on 42pfl7662d
  89. HDMI Issue with 42PFL4755
  90. No DVD signal on the 58PFL9956
  91. optical out distortion with 47pfl7606H/12
  92. No sound when playing from dvd recorder
  93. max length HDMI ARC cable between TV en Homecinema set
  94. PC connection to Philips 40PFL6606H
  95. Hook Mac up to Philips Plasma TV. Model #32FD9954
  96. Ps3 and pixel plus connection
  97. 5.1 output from freeview hd dropout
  98. 55PFL8007T - No sound by HDMI ARC
  99. Simple speaker options for 40PFL3706/F7 Philips TV?
  100. Simple speaker options for 40PFL3706/F7 Philips TV
  101. ARC connection with Yamaha YSP 4000 soundbar
  102. 26pfl5522d/05 - Audio Output
  103. Connecting a Philips 42PFL3507H to a sound bar samsung HW-E350
  104. TV 42PFL4007H doesn't switch automatically to DVD-player
  105. No sound when connected to official Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV MHL adaptor
  106. Remember source across sessions
  107. Smart TV via home cinema set?
  108. connecting a wii to 46pfl8605
  109. 26PF7321/12 HDMI problem
  110. Intermittent Headphones Issues with 42PFL7422D/37
  111. 7606K02 FW 14.101 HDMI ARC & Panasonic SC-HTB20 rusult in sound drops
  112. Plasma model #32fd9954. Not turning on
  113. Tilslutning af PC til TV
  114. Volume Control Problem With External Speakers (40pfl5007h)
  115. 40pfl5606h connect HDMI with CanalSat LeCube
  116. Problem between my TV 42PFL3207H and my home cinema HTS55540
  117. HDMI ARC for 42PFL7357/V7 - attention PHILIPS
  118. 5.1 digital output dropout 46PFL5507H/12
  119. 42pfl6097k >PS3 < PC
  120. Problem with my 32PFL350D/F7 Monitor issues
  121. 40PFL7007 keeps finding new connections
  122. HDMI Audio Problems HELP
  123. 46PFL8007 , HDMI - "No video signal"
  124. device in home screen vanished, but HDMI input not selectable any more
  125. HDMI-connection problems
  126. 40pfl660d hear another device at tv standby
  127. 47PFL6007T/12 not working with Playstation 3
  128. No sound on soundbar - both Philips
  129. 40PFL5507 VGA connection displays incorrectly
  130. 37PFL6007H/12 : message "video format not supported"
  131. Mede8er switch off?
  132. 40 PFL4707 HDMI issue
  133. all 3 hdmi ports doesnt work - help!!!
  134. 42PDL6907k/12 DLNA problem
  135. 40PFL8606H-12 HDMI ARC and BDS 470 Harman Kardon Problem
  136. Source-button or Source selection via Home blocks/doesn't react
  137. conexion de tv 37PFL6007H/12 a amplificador
  138. HDMI-CEC (Easylink) Problem.
  139. Anyone up for a challenge? Confusing issues in connecting 22pfl4505d/f7 to Macbookpro
  140. Philips 37pfl5405h automaticcaly power on hdmi pc
  141. pfl6606H/12 headphone jack?
  142. Connection home cinema system
  143. [Question] Easylink & Windows operating systems
  144. Philips 42PFL3507H connected to Philips HTS 3220/12 bad coaxial sound
  145. HDCP Problems 42PFL7404
  146. No connection VCR Philips VR101 to TV
  147. Hdmi switch
  148. 32PFL4007 off on HDMI input
  149. Connecting Phillips 40PFL with Haier SBEV 40 Slim Evoke soundbar
  150. 58PFL9956H/12 VGA connectivity not possible anymore
  151. Wii U HDMI connection
  152. DVI problem
  153. 55pfl8007K: disturbing background noise when connected to a home cinema
  154. 32PFL3517H audio out/external speakers
  155. EasyLink <-->Samsung Anynet+ not working correct (8000 series)
  156. Problem with connection of the tv and the human 5200C
  157. Wireless headphone..
  158. Philips HTS + TV = Audio passthrough ?
  159. Vibration or current on frame
  160. connect with Apple tv
  161. Sound interupts HD (via CI+CAM) via TOSLINK Connection Yamaha AV740
  162. No sound threw external speakers
  163. Set default source to HDMI
  164. Connecting Phillips tv to Samsung sound bar
  165. No HDMI connection - no video signal on TV
  166. TV sound to Stereo Amplifier
  167. TV koppelen aan UPC afstandsbediening
  168. 42PFL6007H/12: connect to wifi button disabled?
  169. 32pfl6007 - xbox - hdmi
  170. Audio Unprecictabile on 42PFL5604H with SKY TV Connection - HELP
  171. Control volume level of RCA audio output on 32PFL3504D
  172. 42PF5520D/10 Green light No picture
  173. lia
  174. Scherm herstart opnieuw tijdens tv kijken
  175. Single HDMI through the receiver?
  176. HDMI ARC connection 42PFL7406H/12 and HTS9241/12
  177. How to tell if my 37plf7666h/12 HDMI inputs are suitable for 'HDMI ARC'
  178. Philips 42PFL3705H connect with MediaConnect
  179. Connecting speakers to my 32PFL5306H
  180. No signal video in HDMI ports
  181. Connecting a speaker to tv - no ouput unless I go through satellite box
  182. 47pfl6907 hdmi arc sound interruptions
  183. Playstation 2 connection to Philips 40PFL5007K
  184. 37PFL5405 and Easylink (CEC)
  185. PC and Philips Flat TV
  186. 42pfl7357/v7 overscan issue
  187. problems with fiber optic cable
  188. HDMI ARC connection with HTS
  189. Standby/wake up on HDMI?
  190. Telenet digicorder activates HDCP
  191. How to connect HTS3610 to PFL5507
  192. HDMI CEC and Dreambox HD satellite receiver...
  193. I want to use 42PFL4047T as a computer monitor for digital signage...
  194. 37pfl8605: using Digital Audio out connection
  195. 42PFL3507H digital audio out problem
  196. Audio return channel (arc).
  197. Geen beeld op 47pfl4007h/12 via laptop
  198. S/PDIf Sound problems
  199. 9705 HDMI connection to HD7750 card, possible conflict?
  200. connecting wii with component cable to 32PFL5507H/12
  201. hope some one can help
  202. No "HD Receiver" icon on the Home screen
  203. Easylink on 37PFL9732D/10
  204. Unable to get PC to work on TV through HDMI
  205. 42PFL3507H/ with HTS3551/12 HDMI ARC connection fails
  206. 40PFL5507K/12 no HDMI sound
  207. strange issue
  208. 26PFL4007T PS/3 HDMI no picture
  209. philips 46pfl6606t + samsung hw-e450 soundbar will it work?
  210. Can't get ARC/Easylink on 32PFL505
  211. 40PFL3107H/12 response time in ms
  212. 42pfl6007 -- hdmi --- pc
  213. PC feed to TV 'monitor'
  214. connecting 42pfl4606H/12 to computer through HDMI
  215. Philips 3800 series
  216. 42PFL4007H/12 - Digital Audio Out release sound around 1 sec later
  217. easylink problem
  218. Blue screen
  219. 55PFL8007 and audio pass-through
  220. 3200 series: connect stereo
  221. 3200 series: connect tv to stereo.
  222. 40PFL5007H/12 problem PS3
  223. Digital audio
  224. Problem connecting laptop via VGA with TV 37PFL5405H/12
  225. Problem with connection to Sound Bar via HDMI
  226. PFL7606 HDMI issues
  227. I´m plying the nintendo Wii on my Philips 46pfl5527t/12 no sound
  228. can´t get sound when playing nintendo Wii
  229. DTS not coming out through digital out connector
  230. No sound when laptop connected via HDMI
  231. 47" PFL6007t/12 + XBOX 360
  232. 46PFL8505H/12 HDMI issues
  233. How connect PFL5007 to old music receiver (cinch)
  234. Cannot get DVI-HDMI connection to work
  235. Green Video on component HD connection
  236. No Sound When Connecting From PC
  237. Philips LCD Monitor 248C3L - Monitor Audio does not work
  238. 42PFL5332D/37 laptop connectivity issues.
  239. PFL8007 is there a skype alternative HD CAM?
  240. 42PFL5007 - Input delay when playing on the Xbox 360
  241. game mode
  242. SB379830/Za Connecting a PC problem
  243. White dots jumping everywhere on screen - HDMI
  244. Hdmi mystery
  245. 5.1 sound not forwarded through SPDIF (optical)
  246. Switching from DVD player back to cable--lose sound!
  247. Philips LED TV 42PFL4007H
  248. Philips 22PFL3557H/12 LED tv/DVD combi
  249. Cec & qwerty
  250. Connecting HDMI to a DVI input on my TV.