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  1. digital output 46pfl9704H/12
  2. Connecting MacBook Pro to Series 2800 TV
  3. NL: aansluiten videocamera op tv
  4. DVD by SCART
  5. EasyLink compatible receiver
  6. No video signal
  7. incompatibility and xbox 360 philips LCD??
  8. headphones doesn't work
  9. black screen flashes 42PFL3507
  10. Hdmi arc
  11. support CEC (EasyLink)
  12. slc72ela headphone use
  13. Lipsync issue 46PFL7655H vs Bose Solo
  14. "no video signal" message when connected to PC
  15. Connectin TV to HiFi
  16. Switching to amplifier failed
  17. 26PFL5322 + notebook
  18. 42pfp5532d video not supported
  19. No sound with Nexus 10 tablet -> HDMI to Philips 55pfl5706/f7 TV
  20. HDMI + DVB Sat
  21. Onkyo receiver not well configure
  22. 24PFL3507H/12 <> Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition
  23. 40PFL5507H not signal video with receiver onkyo 616
  24. Phillips TV and HTS (home theater system)
  25. 42PFL6007H/12 - iPhone, iPad, Android - no connection MyRemote
  26. 37pfl6007H/12 lipsync issue at some TV-channels
  27. No Sound when chose Audio Channel: Right on STB
  28. Problem connecting 47pfl6907 to 2.1 computer speakers
  29. Surround Sound/Video Delay
  30. connection
  31. pfl8008 won't start up
  32. HDMI
  33. HDMI Icon
  34. HDMI from PC unsharp
  35. HDMI no sound with a SMART TV 7000
  36. Blurred image after connecting MacBook to TV
  37. Sound connectifty
  38. Video Streaming From PC .... [Request]
  39. No sound on Philips TV with Google Nexus 10 tablet video via HDMI
  40. Soundbar compatibility
  41. Issue with 55PFL6606K/02
  42. HDMI sound connection between HTS9520 and 42PFL7008
  43. Philips 42PFL8404H - SPDIF out Dolby Digital
  44. 32PFL4017G can use any USB Hard Disk?
  45. No optical connection to 47PFL7403D TV.
  46. Connecting DVD Player
  47. PS2 and 32PFL5405H/12
  48. PC VGA to Philips: "Video not supported"
  49. Philips 32PFL5507T Input lag?
  50. Can be Hdmi hot plugged?
  51. Connecting subwoofer to PFL6606H
  52. Linking home theatre with Android 4 player
  53. Philips 32PFL5403D/10 no sound through HDMI
  54. PC Connection with 37PF3321
  55. Audio Issue with Bluray and other HD movies on Philips 39PFL4208
  56. Terrible Delay on 42PFL6057H/12 while playing PS3
  57. how to connect my philips home theatre sp120 to my philips 32PFL4356 /v7 tv
  58. HDMI Disconnect Issues 32PFL3605H
  59. 39PLR4208h/12
  60. 47PFL9664H/12 HDMI Audio over S/PDIF Coaxial Out
  61. 40PFL8008k/12 how do i connect my analog stereo amplifier to this model
  62. 55pfpl8007
  63. Connect wii to 50pfl3807/f7 TV
  64. Connect My Marantz PM7001 stereo amp to 46PFL8008
  65. Hercules speakers connexion
  66. Connecting with miracast (HELP!)
  67. 47pfl6097T - Getting sound from tv to surround amplifier
  68. no picture
  69. Audio out to soundbar
  70. Does a simple VGA to HDMI cable works?
  71. PFL9703H, no support of AVCHD 1080i camcorder playback?
  72. When i play DVD, picture quality is quite bad
  73. Possible to use remote keyboard with HTPC?
  74. 2.1 external audio (analog...and optical)
  75. Connect my 46PFL8007K/12 to my amplifier
  76. ##PFL8008 with Marantz SR5005 (or other reciever unit) ARC
  77. HDMI sound connection between HTS9520 and 42PFL7008
  78. 42pfl6907t/12 - forgot all HDMI-ports ?
  79. Problem to switch sound from TV repro to the stereo repro via receiver
  80. Connect 9000 serie TV to Marantz NA7004
  81. Overscan issue with connecting Laptop to Philips Flat TV 32PF5320
  82. only DVI working on 32pf9966
  83. No Signal On TV 32pf7520d/10
  84. dvi to hdmi no sound 42PF5320
  85. Audio (sound) from TV to surround system.
  86. s-video on 47PFL7008k/12
  87. Problems with audio out in 42PFL6907K
  88. 42PFL7676 HTPC sound issues
  89. Philips 55pfl8008k and xbox360 flashing screen
  90. Philips 4000 series LCD-TV 37PFL4606H not working with PS3
  91. y,pb,pr through VGA in 40PFL3008H/12
  92. component aansluiting
  93. Panasonic blu-ray crashes Philips TV 46pfl8007
  94. HDMI 1 (ARC) dissapeared
  95. ARC not working anymore?
  96. HMDI CEC does not work anymore
  97. problem with my easy-link / arc.
  98. 42pfl8654h/12 PC-HDMI "pink & green" screen
  99. HDMI Graphic mode by default
  100. Connecting to external sound system
  101. Easylink from 6008 to control HTS8100 soundbar ?
  102. No Signal
  103. Compaitibilty with peripheral equipment
  104. Connecting 32PFL8605H to LG NB4530A Sound bar over HDMI ARC
  105. Connecting 37PFL7606H to HTB 9245D
  106. Does my TV have ARC
  107. HDMI Connection disturbed PFL8008K
  108. No audio in PC conection with HDMI cable
  109. When turning on the TV it doesn't go to the last source used
  110. HDMI error message when connecting Minix X7 Android TV box
  111. xbox - video format not supported
  112. PS4 does not work with my Philips TV?
  113. 46PFL8007K/12 and SCART
  114. Connecting Philips TV Digital Optical OUT with HTS
  115. NO SOUND 55PFL7008K/12 with HTS3568/12
  116. trouble connecting wii mini to 42PFL5405H/12
  117. Connect wireless headphone SHD9200 to TV 58PFL9956H
  118. Audio Dropouts with 42PFL6008H/12 connected to Bose Cinemate II
  119. connecting 32PFL9604H to LG soundbar
  120. Connecting laptop with tv
  121. Easy-Link
  122. No DTS on 60PFL6008S connected with home cinema??
  123. 42PFL9603 coax output spec's
  124. Message "Internal speakers turned off"
  125. PC - PFL8008s over HDMI, 2 channel audio only
  126. High pitched sound from speakers when turning on (HDMI issue)
  127. Source setting - 46PFL7007T
  128. Please help connecting Philips 47PFL5704D/F7 to Samsung HW-F450 Soundbar
  129. my tv can't connect to my tv box.
  130. 47PFL6678 HDMI trouble
  131. audio volume on optical audio out
  132. Use tv remote control for adjusting volume on sonos soundbar
  133. How to transmit TV (40PFL7007H/12) sound to an old LG hts? What cable do I need?
  134. Can I use the HDMI (ARC) jack on TV to connect soundbar?
  135. No Blueray DVD signal when connected to Philips HD TV via HDMI port
  136. Best wiring for 42PFL9704
  137. Impossible to connect VGA Computer to TV Philips 47PFL4007H (crash PC)
  138. Not recognised set-top box
  139. Wii connection failed to 55PFL7108K
  140. Ridiculous Audio Dropouts on 55PFL7008k.
  141. Phillips 47PFL6007T and Apple TV3
  142. Philips HTL2100 Soundbar out of sync with Philips 40PFL8606H
  143. conexion de tv con barra de sonido
  144. Amplifing the sound of a 46PFL4208H/12
  145. HDMI arc input
  146. Problem making home theater system play audio
  147. 42PFL5028H ARC active question
  148. Increasing sound volume on coax output
  149. Philips TV and Apple TV
  150. How to play sound of TV 46PFL9705h to BDP5500?
  151. linear PCM signal on optical out
  152. HDMI Sound has Gone
  153. Problems connecting my laptop and Apple TV
  154. Connection problem
  155. The source showing when I turn on my 32pfl5522d
  156. 46PFL8685H HDMI problem
  157. Audio out Selector
  158. Sound falls out and immage stops
  159. Headphone output for 32PFL3188H/12
  160. 32pfl3008_98 and htd3510_98
  161. 32PFL7605H/12 HDMI Stopped working
  162. HDMI Not Working with UVERSE
  163. No sound from Coax cable from TV 37PFL8404H from DVP3980/12 connected through HDMI
  164. TV - PC connection (Help)
  165. TV - PC connection (Help)
  166. 46PFL8008 - Input Lag
  167. No HDMI
  168. USB Port Not Working on Model 42PFL3606H/12
  169. 42PFL5038 and Onkyo TX-NR609 : ARC and FM radio
  170. no colour
  171. 55PFL8008G/77 - No sound from speakers.
  172. digital audio output
  173. 42PFL3604/12 Audio to hts with S/PDIF
  174. hoofdtelefoon geluid van philips 24pfl4208h
  175. spdif output, support 5.1?
  176. SPDIF still on in TV standby mode
  177. Help needed - Trouble connecting game console
  178. Overscan when connecting my computer to Philips 32PFL5578/V7
  179. Problem several TV-channels Canal Digital give a frozen scene using DVB-S/S2
  180. 40PFL4508H/12 with headphones
  181. Connecting 47PFL7008K/12 to Kenwood KRF-V5070D Amplifier/Reciever
  182. 32pfl5604h/12 screen estension/duplication
  183. How to connect headphones to 26PFL3404H tv ?
  184. SKYPE Camera compatibility with 42PFL6678S/12
  185. 32PFL 3008H/12 HDMI incompatibility
  186. 42PFL6008K and Pioneer VSX-423 HDMI ARC problem
  187. No sound to sound bar
  188. Orange screen using HDMI
  189. 58PFL9956 With HTPC
  190. PHILIPS 32PFL3088H & Soundbar
  191. No audio from DVD/Blu Ray player to the TV
  192. HDMI ARC stops working after 5-10 minutes
  193. 32PFL9705 ticking sound when using HDMI connection
  194. Trying to connect Macbook air to 47PFL7422D/37 via HDMI miniport
  195. Philips digital widescreen flat TV 32PFL7532D 32" LCD not working with ps3
  196. no hdmi arc between 47pfl 7656 and htl 9100
  197. Message: "unknown device connected"
  198. problem berween tv and bluray
  199. no hdmi arc between 46pfl4008/98 and HTS7140/98
  200. 24PFL3938 Audio out options?
  201. Questions
  202. Philips 220tw error message( can not display this video mode)
  203. Connecting 42PFL5008D to Soundbar
  204. Cannot connect netbook to my Philips 37PFL5603D/10 TV.
  205. HTB 3540/12 aansluiten op Philips TV 28 PW 6408-01
  206. HDD won't sleep, 42PFL6678
  207. 56 inch cinema tv
  208. Headphones
  209. component connection issue
  210. Problem conectivity HDMI 37PFL7605H
  211. 42pfl9632d/79 TV
  212. 42PFL4208D - External HDD connecting Issue
  213. 47PFL6008S ARC 5.1 Faulty Bad Software?
  214. SCART conection
  215. 42PFL7606H TV & NTFS HDD not working
  216. LCD TV and HTS BD not connect via hdmi arc
  217. HDMI - No Signal - 47 PFL 4007
  218. Digital audio out volume ?
  219. Turn off WiFi
  220. My tv loses tv signal when another external device is turned on
  221. Philips 20pf5121/01 not gonna connect like i wish ?
  222. EasyLink with Playstation 3
  223. Export audio to external AMP
  224. 65PFL9708 HDMI 2.0 issue
  225. Black bars 2.35 bluray movies on 21:9 tv
  226. 42PFL9532 .....................Apple TV
  227. sound problems with 47PFK7109 and humax 5200
  228. connecting 37PFL5405H/12 to soundbar
  229. HDMI-ports work only with camera
  230. 46pfl7007t12 channel viewing problem
  231. problems with connection 47pfk7109 and htl4111
  232. Activation Code for Twonky Media Manager
  233. ARC stopped working after firmware update
  234. Independent settings for each source - 55PFL7008
  235. Cannot connect to amplifier
  236. Easylink and ARC with Onlyo SR508
  237. Tv pfk6309-hts- hmp6340- arc and easylink are not working with together. (solved)
  238. 32PFS5709/12 Audio Out Delay (lip sync) issue
  239. 40PFL7605H no audio from PC via HDMI
  240. Phillips Monitor 227E4Q/L - Check Cable Connection
  241. 37PF9631D Won't Work with Soundbar - Please Help
  242. Bluetooth Connectivity via USB
  243. Blank screen since moving to the USA?
  244. HDMI connection lost when i put satellite reciver to stand-by mode
  245. Want to connect PC and TV using HDMI, but, but, but...
  246. 40PFL5507 with Sonos playbar issues
  247. Coaxial Digital Audio to Philips TV with DVI Audio Input
  248. Hdmi 2.0 available on 42pus8709 4k tv
  249. PTA128 Wireless USB adaptor doesn't work with JVC Smart TV
  250. Connecting Ipad 2 to 9604 - a problem...