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  1. Ipod on the lcd tv 37PFL9604H
  2. Hts9520/12
  3. Connect MAC to Philips TV
  4. DTS pass-through
  5. audio problem in netbook connection
  6. HDMI Implementation Error
  7. pc connection
  8. Video out?
  9. hdmi and spdif out
  10. home theater connection problem
  11. 52pfl9704 firmware bug and questions watching HD sources
  12. HDMI pass trough of Dolby True HD/ DD 5.1 audio
  13. Crosstalk between Philips 42PFL7655H and home cinema Sony DAV-DZ110
  14. Help Please
  15. Video Out via Scart
  16. Reset video-signal
  17. Avoid auto input change
  18. [Bugreport] Easylink failure after power blackout + temp. Solution
  19. 52PFL9704 black screen for 1-2 sec bug...
  20. Hdmi 1.4
  21. 32pfl5605h/12 mkv files problem
  22. periodical device reconnection
  23. speed bdp3100 to the 5605 tv
  24. 52pfl8605h/12 problems
  25. connect iPad to Philips TV
  26. HDMI connection from Cisco HD recorder with Cineos HD tv
  27. Philipsx3
  28. Problem reading ALL .mkv files - Format Problem ?
  29. Green Tint Problem... Kind of.
  30. PFL865M/08 + HTS7140: sound drop issue happens or not?
  31. Philips 32PFL9705K signal problems
  32. Connecting Philips Audio Solutions to TV
  33. Lost the sound into my Audio In Left/Right on my 42pfl7306d/01
  34. SPDIF issues 42PFL7665H
  35. 46PFL8605 brick?
  36. SCART plugs - no audio out
  37. Unable to connect laptop to TV via HDMI
  38. 32PFL5605 - Laptop to HDMI - unable to fill up the frame
  39. Bizarre lip sync problem with Philips 46PFL9705H/12
  40. HDMI with separate audio input
  41. Mac / PC wont Connect
  42. Connecting 7655 to Computer
  43. No sound via DVI/VGA AUDIO with PC (5605h)
  44. Audio problem 46pfl8605h/12
  45. No audio to sound bar
  46. Using the TV as PC monitor - sound problem (42pfl3512D12 model)
  47. 40PFL5605K/2 + 5200/12 = no DolbySound
  48. 37PFL7605/05 VGA In Problem
  49. My PLF8404 default to scart a source????
  50. TV / Monitor Out
  51. HDMI Audio Cuts Out 55PFL5505
  52. No signal when connecting Toshiba p500 to 40PFL9705
  53. Problems connecting Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) to 32PFL9705H/12
  54. Connecting 32PFL7605 to a receiver
  55. 40 pfl9705h/12
  56. philips 22PFL5403D/10 it doesn´t want to start!
  57. No sound on tv
  58. Accidently placed headphone plug in 'serv c' socket
  59. problem with 32PF7521D/10 wont accept remote instructions
  60. [Wish] Please allow native resolution on 21:9 TVs (2560x1080) via HDMI
  61. Two 3D-Devices on 46PFL8605
  62. laptop to tv vga connection
  63. Seing online movies on PFL5405
  64. Connection of Samsung Galaxy S to TV
  65. HDMI-Connection Problem 52PFL5605H/12
  66. 46PFL7605 - How do I dlete a device?
  67. Does support 40PFL5605H/12 Technicrypt CX Conax CAM modul?
  68. Connectivity between 26PFL3403D/10, Soundbar HTS5110/12 and STB
  69. 37pfl5405h/12 hdmi random black screen
  70. does 52pfl8605 digital out provides 5.1 surround?
  71. Problem with sound from USB stick data
  72. No video over component
  73. No sound from external soundbar/sub?
  74. No sound on tv connecting laptop via hdmi
  75. 42PFL7456K/02 - USB Keyboard/Mouse
  76. 42PFL4606H/12 - screen lag issues with PS3
  77. Tv, soundbar and external player
  78. 42PFL8694H/12 - Volume level on jack out
  79. TV won't show 1920x1080 resolution using HDMI
  80. 32PFL5606H - does it have a vga connector?
  81. 32PFL9613H "Unsupported format" error via HDMI
  82. Philips TV 55 7606K - problem with USB video from imovie
  83. Is there cvbs out socket on 8605
  84. CI+ module problems with my new 37PFL7606H TV
  85. Audio drop outs with digital optical out of 42PDL7906
  86. Connecting keyboard to tv 37 pfl 7515
  87. connect an external blu-ray drive/burner with 37pfl7605h
  88. 42PFL8404H/12 issues
  89. 32PFL3606H/12 - Sound cutting out via HDMI
  90. PCM on the digital output
  91. 37PFL5405H to PC via HDMI
  92. Split screen when using HD
  93. Philips 4606 Lag (PS3)
  94. Video connection problem for 32PFL5606H
  95. Disappearing devices
  96. 37pfl9603d spdif out issue
  97. Dual View with PS3 Black Ops
  98. 40PFL5605H/12 NTFS problem
  99. HDMI connects every other time
  100. how to connect 46PFL9705 to AV receiver
  101. Scart connection, 40pfl5605h
  102. WLAN via bdp5200?
  103. Philips 37PFL5405H/12 sound loss over HDMI (1) ARC
  104. Loosing Picture after watching Movie on BD-Player
  105. Can't get out of PC mode on 42pf9946/12
  106. Philips PFL3606 Full HD 42" VGA better quality than HDMI
  107. PCM output on OPTICAL OUTPUT 42PFL7606K
  108. XBOX360 + HDMI problem!
  109. HDMI connection on 47'' LED 4000 series television
  110. 32PFL5404H/12 audio sync
  111. Pin 8 on Scart input! does it works?
  112. Audio delay on 1080p MKV
  113. HDMI-Connection failt between Philips 46PFL8605K and Panasonic BluRay DMP-BDT111EG
  114. Philips 46PFL8505: No sound when laptop connected with HDMI
  115. Philips LCD 37PFL5405H + HiFi Philips FW-C399
  116. Seria 7000 - 37PFL7606H/12
  117. connecting set top box to tv using hdmi
  118. 42PFL7406K-02 - No 1920 × 1080 on HDMI-Connection via Computer.
  119. xbox 360 problems with hdmi
  120. Sound problem with XBox 360 connected by HDMI-Cable
  121. No sound between computer and TV
  122. no connection through HDMI 1 port
  123. Is EasyLink compatible with Sony Bravia Sync?
  124. Firmware 220TW9FB/00
  125. viewing mobile phone photos on philips 5000 series tv
  126. VGA connection between the TV & PC causes "ghosts"
  127. tv connected to pc via hdmi = blinking pixels (?!)
  128. HDMI1 disabled
  129. mac to tv via vga
  130. Strange Sound Problem with 42PDL7906 and HTS9241
  131. 37PFL8605K connectivitiy problems with DVDR5570H and Yamaha RX-V1900
  132. The desk stand on Philips 37PFL6606H/60 LED-TV
  133. Viewing media from SD-card?
  134. 58pfl9955h & hts8140
  135. 42pfl4606 'No Signal' on HDMI
  136. Bad judder on 47PFL9703 when playing BD from HTS9140
  137. Apple TV 2 on a 32pfl7605
  138. Laptop to 40PFL6606 via HDMI static noise?
  139. HDMI problem with a 42PFL3604/12
  140. CI HD+ and HDMI connected Sat Receiver
  141. HDMI ARC make me crazy !
  142. DVI (PC) to HDMI (TV) expected, HDMI (PC) to HDMI (TV) also fine? 32 PF 7411
  143. Source disappeared from AV Menu (HDMI, Ext 2....)
  144. Question about HMP5000
  145. Digital output on 40pfl9705h/12
  146. Philips 32PFL4606H/12
  147. Two problems: Lip sync and 100Hz with pfl6606 and xtreamer
  148. Connecting Blu-Ray player to TV
  149. Wireless USB keyboard?
  150. Connecting TV and Home Cinema over component
  151. Philips TV + Philips HTS .... and no Easylink audio passthrough?
  152. PS3 connection issue to 42PFL 3606H/58 with HDMI
  153. Connect 32pfl9705k via S/P-DIF to av-receiver
  154. No sound to my home-cinema
  155. HDMI Cable
  156. USB Keyboard and Youtube App
  157. Connecting 47PFL7422D/37B to ipad?
  158. How to play audio from my Philips TV 52pfl8605/98 on dcd8000?
  159. 46pfl9706/t12 sw 014.093 red blinking diode
  160. HDMI Splitter switches off when TV is switched off.
  161. HDMI ports don´t recognize devices
  162. 37PFL7605H12 and Technisat Receiver
  163. No signal to TV when Xbox is turned on..
  164. 52PFL7404/60 does not connect by HDMI
  165. 40PFL6626H fails to connect on ARC
  166. Queston /Bug report to PHILIPS with 32PFL6606H
  167. 42PFL3603D/27 Audio Drop
  168. 32PFL5606H/12 - Fixable faults or just a bad purchase
  169. Connecting Nintendo 64 to Philips PFL6636 (Cinch/Scart)
  170. Internet by PS3
  171. 42PFL7675K/02, Samsung Galaxy Nexus via MHL-HDMI-Adapter
  172. TV Optical Output -> HTS Cinch Audio Input ???
  173. Cannot display this video mode. Xbox HDMI
  174. TV shut downs during xbox 360 play
  175. PC --( HDMI )--> 42pfl3606/h = black borders ?!
  176. 5.1 Over HDMI
  177. Problem connecting 42PFL5332d/37 to soundbar
  178. Connecting 37PFL9606H/12 with DVP3880 via HDMI 1.4 cable
  179. Can't connect 42PFL6705H/60 and GeForce 9800 GT via HDMI
  180. Try to connect TV with PC through VGA, but...
  181. Digital Audio not working 32PF9641D
  182. Am I expecting too much from Easylink?
  183. Connecting DVP3880/05 to Surround Sound
  184. Sound stuttering by playing Playstation3
  185. Problem with WD TV Luve
  186. 47PFL7606 does not properly play audio via HDMI-ARC to HTS9140
  187. 42PFL5606S LED TV + Linux + NVIDIA = HDMI resolution wrong, but VGA quality good
  188. USB Mouse not recognized
  189. 221T1: Analog audio out - how?
  190. Natural Motion does not work properly via HDMI
  191. 32PFL6606H/12 switches automatic to hdmi channel HTS
  192. 6000 TV switches automatic to HDMI channel HTS
  193. 26PFL5522D HDMI sound problem
  194. Connection HDD/DVD-Recorder and 32PFL5806K/02
  195. Missing sound
  196. 32PFL5606H/12, TPM62E_2.20: Trouble connecting Western Digital 1TB external hard disk
  197. connecting philips 4000 series to external speakers
  198. Connecting peripherals 42PFL7606H/12
  199. 47PFL4606H Headphone jack problem
  200. Installation abnd Connectivity
  201. Installation and Connectivity
  202. Connecting peripherals 42PFL7606H/12
  203. Stuttering audio (optical) with 42PFL7606/12
  204. Sound drops when switching hdmi devices
  205. "No Signal" on power up
  206. WII sound Dolby Prologic II via Digital Out
  207. 47PFL7666H/12 - Connecting WII-console
  208. Audio and Video not in sync
  209. Can't ARC get to work on AV Receiver
  210. Connecting 37PFL8404h/12 to digital reciever hard disk
  211. pc hdmi connection issue
  212. Recording via SCART Interface to older Panasonic Recorder
  213. HDMI ARC only working sporadic with 40pfl6606t
  214. Problems with HDMI connection
  215. TV Serial 26PFL3312/10 - HDMI Connection to Laptop
  216. Philips 46PFL8605 - Onkyo TX-NR609
  217. Mac Mini - Philips Tv via HDMI problem
  218. HDMI connection to Laptop
  219. How to connect headphones to 40PFL4706/F7
  220. 42pfl7656 + a/v receiver + ARC
  221. 32PFL5606H/12 and Xbox 360S
  222. Problem with DVR/Surround Sync via HDMI Connection
  223. Can't get saound from 46pfl9706 to analouge amplifier
  224. 42PFL5405H/12 PC to HDMI no analog Audio
  225. PS2 connection to Philips 32PFL6606H/12
  226. HDMI quits working
  227. sync problems with lipsync & arc
  228. 42PFL5604 and BDP5200 not working via HDMI
  229. HDMI ARC not workign for digital
  230. HDMI connection: Vertical line on the right
  231. DVB-T optical out sound format
  232. connection between TV and DVD-player
  233. Problem detecting video card on 47PFL4606H
  234. 42PFL8404 TV does not recognise HDMI switching
  235. 40 inch tv 6060H with external expeakers (5.1)
  236. Souces (PS3, DVD-R, XBOX...) gone from the Home Menu??
  237. Laptop-HDMI-TV connection, video/audio reset issues
  238. PIXEL PRECISE does not work HDMI
  239. 32PFL5606H/12 - Connecting WII with the three pin
  240. New home theatre for an old tv
  241. Speaker connector for foot of TV 52PFL9606K / 02
  242. HDMI-ARC doesn't work on 47pfl7696 with HTS9520
  243. Yet another Sound drop out
  244. HDMI/ARC problem: Easylink on Ph TV & HCS
  245. Scaling-desaster: Wii/GCN/PS2 to Philips LCD via YUV-cables
  246. 46pfl8685h/12 60fps doesn't work anymore
  247. How to connect Video and audio seperately ?
  248. Issues with Philips TV/Surround sound/TIVO
  249. EXT1 out to recorder ? 37PFL8404H/12
  250. Connecting 47pf7606/12 to amplifier