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  1. Adjust Menu annoyingly slow
  2. Shadows red and green on 46pfl8007
  3. Philips 8007K with Harmony One
  4. Picture formats explanation.
  5. Why does set up screen always appear when I switch on TV?
  6. 32PFL3017T/12 - picture settings
  7. 46PFL9707 : Watching something in 4/3 possible or not ?
  8. 42PFL7007G/77 : Can't change more than one channel at a time
  9. 55PFL6007T and Auto-Fill
  10. remote won't work
  11. 32PFL3404 cannot change channel with + OR -
  12. Remove bottom bar that appear periodically
  13. Unwanted audio subtitle description
  14. Picture Settings 46PFL 9706T / 12
  15. 47pfl7606t
  16. Gamma Setting - 2.2?
  17. switching on
  18. PFL6606H Issue
  19. 37pfl3507 video call-how?
  20. Remote control/txt
  21. 42 pfl3507h/12 subtitles language problem
  22. New IR codes for 50PFL3807
  23. Overscan
  24. Unscaled format
  25. Problems using the DTR5520 favourites list
  26. Discrete IR codes for xxPFL3807 series tvs?
  27. White is yellow....
  28. Pointer Remote Control for 6xx7 series
  29. 32PFL4007h/12 how to increase subtitle
  30. Disabling dgital crystal clear LCD-TV 32PFL3007H/12
  31. IR Codes for TV 32PDL7906T/12 and TV 55PFL8007T/12
  32. HDTV related usability issues
  33. Audio Track out of sync on Video Playback
  34. model:37PFL4007, how do I change to analog.
  35. Shortcut for Sleep Timer On TV Remote?
  36. Ho to hard reset my tv?
  37. 32pfl5007M change channels
  38. BDL6551V - monitor control buttons blocked
  39. How do i save PC-mode on/off and/or picture format to a smart setting?
  40. remote control RC4726
  41. Headphone Volume Control 47PFL7606T
  42. Disable firmware update notification
  43. Hebrew Support for User Interface
  44. signal information
  45. How Use TV Side Buttons
  46. 46pfl5507k_12 tv very slow channel tranitions
  47. Problem with teletext on a specific channel
  48. 37PFL5603D/10 Universal Remote Control Code
  49. 37PFL5603D/10 Universal Remote Control Code
  50. Desactivate Smart Image
  51. Change Transponder Frequency
  52. Permanent clock on screen
  53. can a 40pfl4707 be changed to auto, pcm or bitstream
  54. 32PFL3403/12 Remote Control
  55. Can't get Floating Menu to disappear
  56. Narration on programmes.....can i turn it off!!!
  57. Control PC with the remote control
  58. flat tv filmformat doesnt save??
  59. Screen sometimes blends out (getting darker)
  60. Slow or none reponse from remote
  61. SQ 552.1 ELA user manual in French
  62. No sound analog interconnects
  63. Screen settings
  64. Mode Selection option is not shown in my TV menu (37PFL7662D/12)
  65. Turning tv from AV channel to TV without remote
  66. ghosting
  67. User manual for 32PW9617?
  68. Press A/D button on 42PFL7962D/12 to get analog TV
  69. Remote Control for 37PFL9604H/12
  70. universal remote srp2008b/86 for old bang & olufsen beovision ms 6000 tv
  71. Subtitle character size.
  72. 24PFL3017D/77 Some Questions
  73. 42PFL6907 qwerty remote control
  74. tvremote on windows based PC
  75. TV Guide
  76. Problema de luz y contraste en t.v. Serie 7000 led
  77. How to test my remote control
  78. How to view external subtitles of a movie 32PFL3507/98
  79. Connecting to Networked media tank with universal remote.
  80. TV for the elderly and people with a slight mental handicap
  81. Subtitle size
  82. TV stuck on "zoom"
  83. increase subtitle font
  84. PicoPix 2480 : How to turn it off from remote controller
  85. Annoying black bar when adjusting volume
  86. Factory Reset
  87. 42PFL6057H/12 + Harmony one remote controle
  88. Unable to update channel list - 32PFL4007H/12
  89. 4:3 view format
  90. TV sceen doesn't work anymore
  91. How to display date and clock on a pfl 9706H/12 ?
  92. jean49kay
  93. When I turn TV on - it always shows MENU first
  94. Remote Control
  95. Philips 42PFL3403/12
  96. 32PFL9705H. Has "lost" HDMI 2
  97. Picture Settings pfl8007 series
  98. 32PFL7803D/10 remote control problem
  99. Support for Visual Limited People
  100. Quick Start problem
  101. Philips 32pfl2807h headphones won't work
  102. Recording menu lost in [TV guide => Provider mode]
  103. Remote control suddently having different settings
  104. Remote Control compatibility
  105. Unplanned wakeup of my TV 47PFL76xx
  106. controlling hfl5007 with amx ir codes
  107. Channel logo issue
  108. Code for "3D" remote key in jointSpace / DiVine
  109. Ambilight Setting
  110. 55PFL8008S souce menu
  111. universal remote code ?
  112. Control mediaplayer via HDMI with CEC/Easylink
  113. Cursor in Net TV don't move
  114. Remote control pfl6007 QWERTY?
  115. Remote : unused buttons
  116. 39PFL3807T/12 Picture settings help please
  117. Sluggish User Interface in 55PFL7008k and a whole set of suggestions
  118. Menu issues - 32PFL3017H/12
  119. Teletext
  120. Picture settings
  121. Stuck in TV1/2/3 Cannot no longer access Set Up Menu
  122. how to change picture custom setting
  123. Favorites list keeps reseting itself
  124. Guide unstable pfl8008
  125. 5008 series - Ultra slow UI
  126. sound but no video on 32pf3321/12 bought second hand
  127. The closed captioning overlook
  128. Subtitles
  129. MCE remote also controls Philips TV
  130. How to delete TV channel on Philips 47PFL6007H/12
  131. Dynamic Contrast Issue on PFL5008K/12
  132. Bad user experience on Philips DesignLine 47 Smart LED-TV (47PDL6907T/12)
  133. TV Universal Remote Codes
  134. Permanent Icon on screen
  135. EPG on PFL7605H/12
  136. How to reorder channels on 32PFL3107
  137. tv position setting, whats the difference difference really?
  138. My 221TE5L starts up with different channel settings every time
  139. Looking for the IR channel for my 42PFL3522
  140. Fast forward streaming and USB
  141. BUGREPORT: user interface 2012 series
  142. disable pixel plus HD function on Philip TV
  143. 47pfl6008 the menu is very slow when you fix it???
  144. Ziggo Universal RC to be working with 42PFL6507/12H TV
  145. Menu Source and Scan connections problems
  146. TV not responding to RC: model no:32PFL7977/V7
  147. tv wont come off setup page
  148. Discrete commands for pfl6008
  149. tv audio noise while switching to STB
  150. Connection remote control tv and soundbar
  151. White 'stain clouds' on a new 55PFL8008??
  152. channel assignments in 32pfl3088h/12
  153. Remote Control
  154. 47PFL5008 Ir Code
  155. USB MKV Subtitles
  156. channel choice, 42PFL5028H/12
  157. TV is no longer controllable - No response to any request
  158. Problem turning tv on with remote controller
  159. Looking for recommended settings on PFL5008K
  160. 60PFL6008S Subtitles?
  161. What do these settings do???
  162. Use TV remote to control Soundbar
  163. EasyLink in a 32pf9631d
  164. UPDATE : TO MY PRV TOPIC:TV not responding to RC: model no:32PFL7977/V7
  165. Power On 55pfl8008
  166. 55pfl8008 and Logitech Harmony One 2D/3D button not working
  167. Philips 17PT156B/00: cannot tune stations with remote SBC RU 240 II
  168. Discrete ir codes for 32fpl3506
  169. 46PFL3208H Source Menu stays visible
  170. ambi light
  171. annoying issues operating the TV
  172. Screen goes into sleep mode in mid-game
  173. Problem with my new Philips
  174. Philips remote/keyboard + other device
  175. My remote controls 2 TV
  176. 50PFL5907/F7 discrete codes for HDMI input selection
  177. Need discrete IR on/off and input selection codes for 40PFL9704
  178. Performance issues dual core processor
  179. Black screen but sound and everything else works
  180. Other remote interferes with my TV
  181. Inefficient interface
  182. 42pfl7655 remote issue
  183. 20hf5234/10
  184. 42pfl6008k/12
  185. Remote controls interfere
  186. philips 65PFL9708S and logitech harmony
  187. TV response to remote control
  188. Remote control question
  189. Pch a400 remote control switches off pfl8008
  190. PIP
  191. Cannot activate TV subtitles
  192. Latest firmware 40PFL4908/F7
  193. TV Volume control 8008K
  194. 32PFL7404 modify default display modes
  195. PFL 8008s / Interaction with any IR Telecommander
  196. 40PFL8007K 3D button not working on Logitech Harmony One
  197. Philips 55PFL8008 & Logitech Harmony Ultimate
  198. Discrete IR Remote Codes
  199. Forward to a particular minute when playing files
  200. How To Eliminate Soap Opera Effect (40PFL5507H)
  201. 5K serie, Game settings?
  202. No more video from my tv.
  203. Active control
  204. Discrete IR code for DSR 8121
  205. "Guide" very slow....
  206. Slow switching channels
  207. Chromecast audio configuration
  208. Serial number
  209. CEC and Easylink remote control capabilities
  210. menu problem Philips LED-TV 40PFL9705H
  211. Hide menu
  212. Tv - hdmi arc audio out issue
  213. Remote control
  214. Headphone volume 42pft5609
  215. Assistant to the image settings.
  216. Persian Arabic Subtitle Problem in 46PFL5008D/56
  217. info
  218. problem with rename channel name
  219. TV code
  220. 46 PFL 4508 h can not update software
  221. Code to use settop box remote control for TV
  222. Problem with 42PFL7656H/12
  223. TV picture settings for Philips 50PFL5008D/56
  224. cant turn tv by remote controler
  225. Fast switching between DVB-T and DVB-C
  226. 32PFL3258H/12 TV keeps asking for PIN code while watching TV
  227. Using any ir remote turns 46pfl8008s/12 off
  228. Question about Philips Led Smart 32PFL4508/77
  229. How to rearrange channel numbers
  230. No remote, retune TV, how do I find an OK button
  231. blue screen BDL5530EL/00
  232. Apple TV remote switches off Philips PFL8008 / TV switches itself on
  233. White subtitles without border nor shadow
  234. Weird problem remote 46pfl9707
  235. |39PFL3508G/77 Smart TV problems - too Slow
  236. Unwanted Audio Subtitle Description
  237. image settings are not saved - pfs7109
  238. Pairong of new remote
  239. Selecting channel through info menu
  240. 42PUS7809/12 Remote Control source button freezes
  241. How to Eliminate the pop-up "Speakers are not enabled"
  242. Problem TV Speakers audio
  243. Stuck on Volume Increase
  244. cant approach image sttings into smart tv mode 7109
  245. 4 month old RF remote stopped working
  246. universal remote SRT8215
  247. TV Power on automatically
  248. Change the sequence/order of the channels on 58pus6809?
  249. What is the best calibration of 58pus6809?
  250. Very Slow swichting up and down channels- 55PFH9309- Last Firmware 04 august