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  1. Philips LCD-TV 37PFL7605H problems with the image
  2. Disabling Digital Crystal Clear?? how?
  3. Manual Back Light Control for 9664/9704
  4. switching channels with program guide
  5. Re-arrange TV's "home" page (user interface).
  6. Sleep timer?
  7. EPG problems
  8. Philips pfl7606 usb video problem
  9. Remove a device from the home menu
  10. Channel and List setup for regular zapping is really tedious!
  11. TV stuck in a service mode?
  12. watch tv and desktop at the same time
  13. Subtitles for USB Videos on xxPFL7605H
  14. Light Balance on AmbiLight Tv models
  15. Trouble in Philips 7605
  16. Customization of ok and navigation buttons
  17. 52PFL9704 small improvments are possible?
  18. philips 9705 motion judder
  19. Wireless mini Keyboard + built-in trackball for NET TV
  20. program guide and NET TV mixup
  21. HD Natural motion problem !?
  22. 9705 EPG user interface
  23. calibration settings
  24. Error Message : 32PFL5405H/12
  25. Philips 42PFL7655H video settings help!
  26. Reduce glare on tv
  27. redifine remote control keys usage
  28. Smooth turn off
  29. Feature request: Headphone volume controlled via remote control buttons
  30. HD natural motion flaw in outlines of moving objects
  31. TV Clock Setting in 32PFS5605
  32. Question about the auto volume leveler
  33. 8605 - Picture Format - Watching SD from antenna in 4:3 ?
  34. Is there any way to skip/remove settings on source list?
  35. 58PFL9955H Discrete IR Remote Codes
  36. Now/next functionality when changing channels
  37. Sort order
  38. Tv Language
  39. HDMI device appearing and disappearing
  40. i lost EXT1 , how can i back again?
  41. 32PFL7605 calibration settings
  42. Picture too dark
  43. colour value for warm preset on 9705
  44. A/D analog/digital set primary
  45. Lost reception on BBC red button (26PFL5522D/05, UK).
  46. Visible vertical lines pm 40pfl9705
  47. Suggestion: Sleep Timer / Reminder
  48. LCD 42PFL5405: calibration
  49. philips 58pfl9955 choppy picture
  50. Suggestion: "Experience" button for favourite menu entries
  51. The whole concept of "experience menu" is useless.
  52. Problem with scenea
  53. Philips 46pfl8505 lower and upper screen brighter
  54. 46PFL7605 - able to display 4:3 image without stretching?
  55. 9705: What are the various local dimming settings doing?
  56. Daylight setting manual for 9xx5 series
  57. Multi view
  58. Shortcut suggestions
  59. 32PFL3606h USB videos, wrong aspect ratio?
  60. loss of volume control via remote
  61. Lost HD devices
  62. Feature Request: Fast Forward + Fast Rewind + Go to Time
  63. New Usermanual - BugReport
  64. Match Line remote device problem
  65. 42PFL3606H problem when I change channels
  66. "INFO" option gives no description
  67. 4:3 on 42pfl8404H/12
  68. Advice on HD Natural Motion
  69. Question about tv settings
  70. 37pfl5603h/10
  71. 46PFL7605 - How do I know it's displaying a 1080p 24fps image?
  72. Quick button for SleepTimer
  73. 42PFL3604D/ how to deactivate channels?
  74. 42pfl3606h/58 subtitle problem
  75. Image settings
  76. media player philips 32pfl3605h
  77. HD perfect natural motion
  78. Cannot setup Prestigo Remote Control
  79. super resolution?
  80. Cinema 58pfl9956 wrong aspect in menus
  81. Sort files by name on USB device?
  82. 58PFL9956 issues
  83. 47PFL5704D/F7 Sound Problem
  84. I just want you to know that im returning my new Philips..
  85. Universal remote
  86. Smart TV - Control feature
  87. Mood light switching off after 10 seconds
  88. Picture Format (aspect ratio)
  89. Picture Format (aspect ratio)
  90. Scenea problem (and two suggestions)
  91. 37PFL9606M/08 menu trouble or.....
  92. Feature Req: Automatic Sleep timer
  93. 7606 loungelight?
  94. 42PFL7406K-02 - Unbalanced, unnatural Colours
  95. 24p on 46PFL9706
  96. 42pfl5405h_12 Start up
  97. When switching on TV does not recognize used input
  98. Black screen for a few seconds
  99. 42PFL7606 Discrete Remote Codes
  100. 40PFL9705 Loosing ambilight settings .
  101. code to unlock menu
  102. Where can I find channel-/ transponder-Info? (7606)
  103. 7606/K 02 loud whistling SAT Tuner
  104. Few questions about 46PFL9705M/08
  105. Cannot install freeview non-HD channels
  106. Playing AVI files on 37PFL4606 - zoom problem
  107. How can I disable automatic switching to EXT1 (SCART)?
  108. co-channel
  109. Automatic shutdown every four hours...
  110. Problem with picture format with 32PFL4606H
  111. arranging channels on 42PFL7603H/10
  112. PFL4606 ccfl problem
  113. LCD 42pFL5522D/05 HDMI default input problem
  114. problems with HD rsolutions
  115. Subtitles?
  116. Can not change setting in menu
  117. Is there a wake-up functionality?
  118. Set top box Motorola 1963 with Remote Control 40Pfl9704
  119. usb subtitles problem 32pfl3606H/58
  120. Need some help with a Net TV/Netflix issue.
  121. rose pixels on screen (must be white)
  122. 47 PFL 7697K Problem witch PC connection
  123. connect your mic volume with the volume of the speakers
  124. devices disappear from HomeMenu 42PDL7906
  125. Philips tv led 32pfl5606h/12
  126. Need a little help bying tv
  127. update for MKV files
  128. Widescreen Option does not work 40PFL7705DV/F7
  129. USB playback aspect ratio???!!!
  130. Best Picture Settings to 40pfl5606h/58
  131. General- PFL6626H/12
  132. 52PFL9606 screen inhomogeneity
  133. 32pfl5403d - Can I set a HDMI channel as the 'on' channel?
  134. Getting BDP3100/12 to work with RC4495
  135. Vertical green lines
  136. Programm Guide - switching channels
  137. 42PDL7906H/12 Tv Turkish subtitle character encoding problem
  138. Most of my EPG is OK BUT ...
  139. Low volume on headphone output. Model 26PFL5522D/12
  140. Override Parental Control settings
  141. 42PFL9664H/12 - Two Black Marks Visible on Screen
  142. MKV won't play
  143. How can I remove or edit a device???
  144. Volume up and down for headphones, PLEASE HELP
  145. Turn off HD natural motion
  146. MKV not working
  147. Child locks on 46PFL9706K
  148. Unable to Lock TV (secret code) - xxPFL7605H/12
  149. some doubts about new 40PFL5206H/12
  150. 42PFL3312/10 Locked Local Keyboard
  151. Remote control conflict between TV and Air Condition
  152. 42PFL4606H/58 channel language problem
  153. image problem in divx reproduction
  154. 50PFL7956 with older aspect ratio movies
  155. Problem while watching a movie
  156. Discrete RC5/RC6 codes for 40PFL9715K/02
  157. 40pfl8606 - bright screen in stand by position
  158. Black Screen 23PF5320/01
  159. Excess brigtness problem
  160. Fast switching between DVB-T and DVB-S?
  161. Slow menu animations between adjust screens.
  162. Rearrange channels on 37PF7641D/10
  163. RC6 codes 40PFL9715K/02
  164. program for editing the channel
  165. Missing Menus 42PFL5403/93
  166. 32pfl4606 settings
  167. Channel und Soundproblems on 8606
  168. Problem with video
  169. How to disable the startup screen on 6000 series
  170. What is the User Manual Upgrade Software?
  171. PFL9704: Game mode with personal color setting without overwriting Personal settings?
  172. 32PFL6606D/77 Subtitles support
  173. Spare remote control
  174. screen flickers and can not seem to get a picture?
  175. Channel List on USB Stick
  176. 26pfl 3312/10 picture
  177. freeview chanel 46 challenge tv
  178. Clear LCD setting causes sound disruption. Dolby Digital
  179. No Radio station list (37PFL7606K)
  180. Picture settings explained anywhere?
  181. Auto Volume Leveller question
  182. Change default input to HDMI?
  183. 26PFL3606H settings?
  184. satellite ch reorder 42PFL7406K/02
  185. BAD image quality 42PFL8654H/12
  186. Missing picture settings (PC mode issue?) on 32PFL4606G
  187. Wakeup timer
  188. Autozoom in 32PFL5406
  189. Ondertiteling
  190. greek subtitles
  191. TV 46PFL6606H - to connect a bluetooth device to the USB interface
  192. Philips 46pfl9706h colors calibration help
  193. 42PFL4606H - TV Volume keeps rising to the maximum value on its own
  194. "Options" menu slow and confusing (why only 3 options at once?)
  195. TV Reminder while watching video doesn't seem to be working
  196. Setting a default channel
  197. "PC Mode" greyed out in the options menu
  198. Wish: more discrete commands
  199. Color buttons on remote?
  200. hdmi unavailable
  201. Teletext Bug with 46PFL9706 (FW 14.96)
  202. disable overscan but keep everything else?
  203. Some "problems" to fix in next firmwares 40PFL8606H/12
  204. Registering for DIVX to run a privately shot AVI-file
  205. How to rename channels
  206. the optimal video and sound settings of the tv 32pfl7606k/02
  207. Problem in Teletext 46PFL6606H/12
  208. CI Plus key Fail...
  209. 42PFL7696K12 Options Size
  210. Remote control code to select HDMI1?
  211. 47PFL7606H/12 RC6 Codes
  212. help to display hour and program info
  213. USB picture format
  214. subtitles with 2 lines cut off in wide screen mode
  215. 40PFL5206H/12 Teletext HDMI
  216. Remove list external inputs
  217. IR code to open Net.TV directly?
  218. using 2 remotes
  219. DviX Registration code for 37PFL7666H/12
  220. PFL4606H/58 and subtitles
  221. Confituration about TV 37PFL9606H/12
  222. Image Full HD
  223. Default input at power-on is "analogue TV" how to change it? [26PF5521D]
  224. 32PFL3517H/12 video aspect ratio
  225. Connected Device Icon disappeared from the Home Screen !
  226. 32PFL4606H/58 PC MODE and viewing angles
  227. Problems selecting HMDI on my tv
  228. Using leters on Remote Control
  229. Remote Control of another model
  230. Fast forward, jump to point in time of video
  231. Where do I set the audio to PCM on my 40PFL4706/F7 TV?!
  232. Natural Motion (telenovela?)
  233. 52PFL9606: Best picture settings
  234. Perfect motion rate (PMR) question on new Philips model 47pfl7606H
  235. continuity framerate /drunk effect
  236. TVt slukker om 1 minut. Tryk p OK for at holde det tndt.
  237. Change picture configuration PFL8007
  238. 42PFL3007 "jams" Arvani Remote Control
  239. Screen size changes to Philips 42PFL5522D
  240. 40PFL5606H/12 Preview channels
  241. 40PFL5606H/12 EPG information
  242. Discrete IR Codes for 42PFL3403/78
  243. 21:9 TVs and players questions
  244. Hiding subtitles
  245. No more subtitles
  246. Disable front panel
  247. user interface and specially program guide 32pfl3517 very slow
  248. A few problems with my new tv
  249. 7666 green button in the UK
  250. Screen to bright on 46PFL8007