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  1. "Philips server not found" message (from 5-Nov-2010 till 8-Nov-2010 10:30).
  2. XML parsing errors
  3. No thumbnail picture (icon) shown of the website.
  4. Message:"To complete NetTV sign-in, please switch your TV set off and on again"
  5. Onscreen-keyboard error on the open internet (undefined).
  6. No Picture in Picture (PIP) on the Net TV homepage.
  7. Message: "Club Philips, Service is temporarely unavailable".
  8. TELETEXT fails after you have used Net TV (2010 TV, SW140.25)
  9. Problems with various catch-up TV services on Blu-Ray players.
  10. Problems with the network cable
  11. problem with Net TV
  12. Message: "XML Parse error".
  13. RTL-channels en NETTV
  14. PC cannot project on TV
  15. No video's ARTE
  16. YouTube (on Net TV) is down!
  17. unrecoverable problems after about 20 minutes of best videowatching
  18. Message: "Philips server not found".
  19. WIFI Media Connect keeps searching for TV on Internet
  20. RTL-Gemist
  21. Internet url IP-Address
  22. BUG on RTL-XL (NL)
  23. Net TV trouble!
  24. NETTV doesn't work today
  25. Net TV sometimes crashes with new firmware
  26. Arte+7
  27. Log-on problems (very slow/impossible)
  28. Again: buffering problems RTLXL
  29. Net TV won't start (BDP5100)
  30. NetTV registration fails
  31. XML parsing failed - RTLXL App
  32. netTV x Adobe x play movies
  33. RTL-XL App - Error (!) message
  34. Philips NetTV ends/crashes when getting channel update
  35. Net TV not working on my BDP-5100/12
  36. picasa: ongeldige code
  37. How to scroll in browser?
  38. No connection: Software or Hardware problem ??
  39. Problem with youtube
  40. Philips server not found. Try again later
  41. BDP7600 ARD Mediathek not present and ZDF Mediathek not working
  42. Bad quality Uitzendinggemist
  43. HDMI 1 + NetTV = Crash
  44. Net TV server not longer accessible for 40PFL9715K/02
  45. Is Philips smart-TV server busy ????
  46. After 6 weeks, no entry to NetTV or Upgrade?
  47. NetTV Service not available
  48. Stuck on Terms & Conditions Screen
  49. Net TV Connection keeps "disconnecting" when watching NetTV provided Video
  51. Due to the maintenence the requested page is not available
  52. Philips Server not found. Try again later.
  53. Twitter App not working on new TV
  54. Problem Using net TV (uitzending gemist, RTL XL etc)
  55. Remote control doesn't work anymore on Net TV
  56. Cant browse SmartTV menu after updating security profile (content under <18 years)
  57. Unable to open NetTv - "Connecting..."
  58. Error code 00204693
  59. “Philips server not found” or no respons to cursor in the Net TV "Terms of use" page.
  60. HMP700 login
  61. NetTV stocks at ''terms of conditions''
  62. Browse network: "Cannot find server"
  63. Did not play video Net TV SDK
  64. 32PFL8404H - Net TV - just "hangs" on connecting (stage 2)
  65. Sound on Bose Lifestyle 235 from NetTV and Browse PC (music)
  66. The tv do not answer!
  67. 24pfl3507t/12.....problems with this tv - help!
  68. 55PFL4706/F7 - Flashing / Strobe Effect While Using Net TV
  69. Problem with my 40PFL5007K/12
  70. Hardwareinfo.tv hangs up my BDP5180
  71. TV Shows Missing, Not Loading
  72. Navigation in Net Tv don't work
  73. Problems with Net-Tv [No Net-Tv at all] 42PFL6057H/12
  74. Impossible de voire Nickelodeon, Nickekodeon junior, MTV
  75. Smart TV don´t works after Control Card change
  76. LED-tv Smart 40PFL5527T/12 as pc-display/screen goes black and back on again radomly
  77. Philips 40PFL5507H/12 Standby Light Blinks Twice
  78. RTL XL: XML parsing error
  79. default gateway not found
  80. no response from default gateway
  81. Error message - two usb devices
  82. 40PFL5507K ipla not work anymore
  83. Net TV locked
  84. "no video signal" screen
  85. 42PFL7606H/12 - "no video signal"
  86. Philips server niet gevonden. Probeer het later nog eens.
  87. 55PFL8007 - no Smart-TV - no Philips support
  88. Network
  89. Specific router settings for Smart TV?
  90. I can't turn on the TV
  91. 40PFL7007 has started to startup automatically
  92. when resetting 40PFL7007 USB disk with recordings are not recognized
  93. Net tv is not working :(
  94. PHILIPS server not found, try again later.
  95. Remote control not working in NetTV
  96. Can't find cartoon network on net tv on bdp5500/12
  97. [Videociety] "Licence not valid" on 2012 BDP
  98. assistance required with tv
  99. There was a problem. Smart TV
  100. Audio and video synchronization
  101. blinking red light (3 times)
  102. Wireless adapter found message
  103. can not connect Smart TV in 47PFL6057H/12
  104. film2home app or phillips problem???
  105. popups
  106. server not found
  107. UPnP Interface for 42PFL6007K works unstable
  108. Can't watch some of the movies or some TV
  109. 42pdl7906h keeps asking for updates
  110. 46PFL7605H with an icon that wont dissapear
  111. "Start projecting" not available 32" led
  112. Switching channels by itself
  113. Ethernet and media player in 46pfl5527h
  114. Network error
  115. 47PFL6687H/12 unable to connect to internet
  116. Dvdr3330h
  117. Philips Smart LED TV 42PFL4007H Full HD
  118. Connecting Smart TV to homecentral
  119. message: this file doesn't exists or cannot be readed
  120. Unregistered Model number
  121. Inconsistent signal strength
  122. NetFlix
  123. HDMI problem
  124. TV model - 42PDL7906T/12
  125. Error Code 00103699
  126. Error Code 00103699
  127. Email: Verbinding mislukt.
  128. Where is quality?
  129. error - router not confirmed but was already working (smart tv)
  130. Not exactly an error but here it goes...
  131. Message: “The App you are trying to access uses newer features not available on this
  132. Console.IO Javascript Remote Web console
  133. eUM error after new motherboard
  134. Synchronize Smart TV with PC
  135. No signal
  136. the tv is restarting when accesing videos on internet
  137. WiFi Media Connect cant project i keep getting "Connection Error"
  138. cant see my router
  139. TV-speakers are off message (sonos soundbar)
  140. Youtube wyŁĄcza siĘ po 1 godzinie
  141. 32PFL4017G/77 frozen at Philips' logo
  142. Screendream
  143. Any new solution for "Can not conner to Philips Media Server"
  144. Error when starting Smart TV
  145. SmartTV XML error on startup
  146. TV reboot due to externa DLNA server...
  147. Media Connect not running on my PC Fails after 2 seconds.
  148. Icons for installed players disappear from the home menu
  149. Network errors while network tests are passed. NE 00103699
  150. Slow Smart Tv Portal
  151. OK-button doesnot work
  152. 42pfl6007k/12 flickering on fast moving objects
  153. my smart tv is gone mad!
  154. usb takmanız gerekmekte
  155. htb3510 - how can I see the content on my pc (lan net)?
  156. Unable to connect to soundbar
  157. Netflix and games won't work
  158. philips 39PFL4208D HDMI
  159. Distorted Image
  160. iplayer message, "your device is not supported"
  161. No remote response on smart tv
  162. Cannot accept terms and conditions....and much more
  163. Philips LED Smart tv 42PFL3508G/77 turn on by itself
  164. phiilips server not found, try again later......
  165. App gallery missing from smart tv after update
  166. PC sound does not mute
  167. 32pfl4208h/12
  168. not avaible
  169. Net TV maintenance?
  170. Program stops/loads during the looking back.
  171. mkv file shows unsupported sound
  172. Philips 40PFL5507H/12 TV / start problem
  173. Netflix app won't update to recognize payment online.
  174. Error por visualización fuera de mi pais
  175. volume button is not working on my smart tv.
  176. notice of error philipsHMP7001/12 (firmware v126) "to complete smart tv sign-in, ple
  177. net TV - Philips server connection failed