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  1. BDP 5100 - where can I get the OLDER, non-1.53 version of firmware? 1.53=bad.
  2. silly question on usb
  3. Software 1.54 is now available for BDP5180
  4. upgrade 1.54 bdp5180/12
  5. BDP5100 Subtitles are incomplete (.mkv)
  6. Unable to play .mkv files on BDP5100
  7. BDP5100/05 networking problems
  8. some problem about the type BDP5100/93 supported(TS and mkv)
  9. BDP5100 does NOT support profile level 5.1 (.mkv)
  10. BDP5100 BD-R problem - Unsupported video format
  11. BDP5100 won't play mkv via disc
  12. Handbrake MKV settings for BDP5100
  13. Can't update BD5100,am i doing somethig wrong?
  14. BDP5100 and MKV - what am I doing wrong
  15. BDP5100/05 - video playback
  16. BDP5180 and SRT subtitle issue
  17. philips bdp5100/12 blu-ray player
  18. Special recommendation on BDP5200!
  19. Automatical software upgrade on BDP5200 now available!
  20. Firmware upgrade for BDP5200 (V1.16)
  21. BDP5100/05: DVD playback error (rare)
  22. BDP5180 - No srt support with DSLN
  23. BDP 5200 mkv Subtitle Selection broken
  24. BDP7500 (B2/12) a lot of headaches to solve
  25. PGS subtitles and BDP5100
  26. BDP5100 + 720p/24p mkv
  27. I can`t play truehd with bdp5100/12 (mkv)
  28. No audio for .mov file (BDP5200 /V1.16)
  29. DLNA with Twonky 5.1.9 (Problems and Review)
  30. Pause Blu-Ray over EasyLink does not work
  31. Disabe auto play DVD/BR on 5180
  32. BDP 5100/12, 1.57=bad, when will they ever learn?
  33. BDP5200/12 DivX subtitle size option?
  34. BDP5200/12 Slovenian language
  35. Firmware upgrade for BDP5100 (V1.57)
  36. BDP5200 streaming from NAS - Folders show no content!
  37. Discrete IR codes for BDP5100
  38. no playback of ARD/ZDF 720p HD recordings on disks or files
  39. Firmware upgrade for BDP5200 (V1.31)
  40. Firmware upgrade for BDP6000 (V1.31)
  41. REQ: BDP6000/12 ISO support
  42. Display subtitles in 3D MKV
  43. remember wifi pasword
  44. BDP5200 "blocked" message?
  45. BDP5100 and FritzBox 7320 UPnPAV Server
  46. BDP5200/12 V1.31 = Wi-Fi broken
  47. BDP6000 can't play mkv
  48. Realvideo .rmvb not working on BDP5200/05
  49. Blu-Ray Model BDP5200/05 3D
  50. Downloaded WMVs from iPlayer don't work?
  51. Bdp5100/12 sw : 1.57 no more net tv !!!
  52. BDP5000 regularly freezing
  53. BDP6000/12 - Wi-Fi n @ 54 mbps only
  54. Problem connecting to router
  55. BDP5200 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.35) has been released
  56. BD6000 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.35) has been released
  57. BDP5100 Firmware 1.57 USB Problem
  58. BDP5100/12 Standby mode freeze
  59. Bdp5200/12
  60. BDP5180 screen reacts on adjusting the amplifier volume
  61. Firmware 1.18
  62. BDP5200/05 - BBC iplayer
  63. BDP5506/F7 & WI-FI Mediaconnect-do they really work?
  64. Last soft ware for BD5200/12 PLAYER
  65. What format should an AVCHD movie be in to play from USB?
  66. New Firmware Released!!! 11-11-11 Version: 1.32.55
  67. blue ray BDP5100
  68. I have BDP5200 blu ray and i have one question
  69. Will BDP5506/F7 ever beable to read DiVX??
  70. BDP5200 doesn't recognize BD-RE discs
  71. BDP 5100, Bugs in MKV subtitles
  72. BDP5200 subtitles problem/inconvenience
  73. BDP 5180/12 unknow disc error
  74. Philips BDP5200 winner on StiWa Test 12/2011
  75. Plopping noise in speakers BDP5200
  76. Subtitle Support
  77. subtitle for ed bluray 5200
  78. bdp 5000 computer problem
  79. Internet connection issues with new bdp5506/f7
  80. BDP5100 problem with DTS-HD
  81. BDP5200 Discrete Code "Eject"
  82. Preview pic for videos
  83. BDP5200: file support on DLNA (wireless or cable)
  84. BDP5100/12 FW1.57 - Aspect Ratio for mkv avi files
  85. Purchasing a BDP5200 & need your advice
  86. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 frame skip/freeze
  87. BDP5200/12 1.35 problems
  88. Can BDP5200 connect to Windows Media Center?
  89. BDP5200 subtitles support with dnla (using mediatomb)?
  90. There will be new firmware for BD5100?
  91. during video playback from USB HDD remote control refused to work
  92. BDP5200 Remote problem
  93. BDP5200/12 always wants to format SD Card
  94. pb with BD FOREIGNER
  95. 5180 noise from drive
  96. SmartTV error message - no NetTV access
  97. NetTV/ SmartTV Issue - Not working since update
  98. BDP5200/12 DVD upscaling
  99. BDP5200 and wi-fi
  100. BDP 5100/12 can not connect network via cable.
  101. BDP5200 Fast Wake-up Mode
  102. BDP5300K BDP6000 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.42) has been released
  103. BDP5200 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.42) has been released
  104. Net TV on BDP5200
  105. Connection between BDP5200 en 37PFL7606/H
  106. Net TV ARD Mediathek did not play any clip
  107. problems with BDP6000 and DLNA
  108. BDP5200 start up
  109. MDP5180 / 12 Does not play any mkv ( freezes before it starts )
  110. BDP5200 and TV PFL7656 show 3D Blue-ray only in 2D
  111. BDP5200 - Won't switch on using remote control
  112. BDP5200 doesn't recognize 3D blu-ray disk
  113. BDP5180 Latest Firmware upgrade (1.62) has been released
  114. Blu-ray BDP5100 V1.62 has been released
  115. 42pfl7606T + bdp5200/12 + 3d blu-ray
  116. BDP5200/12 can't connect to WiFi
  117. BDP5200 and 3D movies from hdd
  118. Philips BDP5200/79 Support 3TB external drive?
  119. Can't view and play rmvb file in BDP5200/98
  120. BDP5000 3d subtitle
  121. BDP5500/12 play Ogg Vorbis? What about FLAC?
  122. BDP5300K BDP6000 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.52) has been released
  123. BDP5200 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.52) has been released
  124. BDP5000 and 7000 Series to enable VideoCall (Skype) via SW upgrade
  125. Files >4 GB via USB Flash Drive
  126. bdp5200/12 No detection of USB HDD wd 2,5" - USB2.0 - 500 gb firm 1.52
  127. Replacing HTS 3300 with BDP5200/05
  128. BDP5200 - mirror the smartphone/iPhone display
  129. Plex ?
  130. I ripped my tv shows to MKV and they don't play.
  131. DLNA Troubles
  132. Can i have the older FW 1.16 for BDP5200, please?
  133. Any way to change .srt subtitle:s font size or spacing?
  134. upgraded BDP5200_12 to V1.55
  135. A Bug with .mp4 and subtitles (.srt/.sub)
  136. BDP5200 with firmware 1.52 does not recognize USB keyboard.
  137. BDP5300K BDP6000 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.55) has been released
  138. BDP5200 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.55) has been released
  139. No multichannel audio with HDMI ?
  140. MP4 files will not play on BDP5200/12 from DLNA server or USB drive
  141. How to sort the files of a USB memory?
  142. Expectations on BDP5200 (subtitle)
  143. BDP5500&BDP5510&BDP6100 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.17) has been released
  144. BDP5200 - Vevo videos on Youtube not available?
  145. Why the BDP5200/98 can't be upgraded to v1.55?
  146. BDP5100/12: "Character set" option for subs missing while playing mp4 videos
  147. PHILIPS BLU-RAY 3D PLAYER (BDP5200) gets stuck when loading!
  148. Looking for a file to test surround sound.
  149. BDP 5200 constant request to format SD
  150. BDP5500/12 Smart Tv doesn`t work
  151. BDP5200 - Net TV not working
  152. Video playback via USB - sticks @ 50 minutes - BDP5200/05
  153. Simplyshare
  154. Firmware BDP5500/12 / Simply share
  155. downgrade bdp-5506
  156. BDP5406 forgets Internet settings after firmware updates
  157. BDP5200/05 problems - Media Server & WiFi
  158. DP5510 Screen turns black
  159. WLAN-Password without # ?
  160. BDP5500, BDP5510 & BDP6100 Latest Firmware upgrade (3.28) has been released
  161. BDP5406 Latest Firmware upgrade (V2.41) has been released
  162. BDP5200 Now flaking out when viewing anything
  163. Limit externe USB Festplatten
  164. BDP5200 dlna mp3 embedded albumart
  165. BDP5100 - No audio via coaxial port
  166. BDP5200 after 4 months No net tv
  167. usb vs network video playing
  168. BDP5100/12 - FW 1.62 - .avi audio problem - data DVD freezes
  169. DNLA - Browse PC Problems
  170. play ISO files
  171. Doest not play .mov files
  172. No sound out from coaxial
  173. BDP5000 bluray player no videosignal on 42pfl4007t
  174. DLNA Browser hangs
  175. BDP5200/12 do not advertise as upnp / dlna renderer
  176. Downgrade bdp5200
  177. Firmware Upgrade problem
  178. BDP5100 reset when red LED is blinking
  179. MKV weird behavior
  180. Bricked after firmware upgrade
  181. USB support for NTFS disk format highly preferred!
  182. My BDP5200/98 cannot play MPEG4 movie file
  183. bdp 5100 mkv aspect ratio
  184. DLNA & Video thumbnails on BDP5200
  185. Battlestar Galactica Blu ray Unknown Error on multiple discs on bdp5100/12
  186. Watching movietrailers via NET TV on my BDP5200
  187. BDP5200 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.61) has been released
  188. BDP5300K BDP6000 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.61) has been released
  189. BDP5500&BDP5510&BDP6100 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.46) has been released
  190. No character encoding with mp4?
  191. Player crashes when playing Movie Trailer
  192. continue to read a bluray where I stopped it on a BDP5200/12
  193. Cannot get 5200 to connect to home BT Wi-Fi.
  194. Player won't play movie with embedded SSA subtitle
  195. Some 3D BD's don't play correctly (BDP5200/12)
  196. BDP 5200 freezes way too much
  197. Netflix on BDP6100/12
  198. Internet Browser is not working properly
  199. BDP5200, Unable to access NetTV but able to access Wif-Fi
  200. Netflix on BDP5200/12? (Sweden)
  201. Freezing in startup
  202. Problems with BDP 5180/5
  203. BDP5500&BDP5510&BDP6100 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.53) has been released
  204. BDP5200 HDMI multichannel output not working
  205. bdp5200/12 can't play sub while streaming from NAS
  206. BDP6000, unable to connect Wifi with hidden SSID
  207. BDP 5200 unable to read external hard drive
  208. Usb video icons
  209. Standby issue BDP5500
  210. Netflix on Bdp5200
  211. BDP 5500 loop minder snel vast.
  212. Internet browser does not work on BDP5200/79's
  213. BDP 5100 subtitle problem
  214. BDP6000 hangs / freezes after 1h02min
  215. BDP5200 cannot play DTS audio in MKV container
  216. BPD5500 - Displaying files on USB not alphabetical
  217. Netflix - BDP5500/55
  218. .iso file playback with BDP5500/55 ?
  219. conecter le lecteur dbp 5200 a l'amplidvd hc hts3531
  220. MKV standards updated
  221. BDP5200 how many files can read via USB from a HDD?
  222. Can't find Netflix app on BDP6100?
  223. cant find cartoon network on my new bdp 5500/12 bought in the Netherlands
  224. BDP5100 fw 1.31 needed!
  225. No Picture - HDCP Error
  226. BDP5200/05 problems
  227. Handshake issue between BDP5200/12 and TV 3D Panasonic TX-P42ST30E
  228. Error message when playing movie via smart app
  229. Pathe thuis app not available on tv
  230. BDP 5200 freeze after 50 mn
  231. Unknown disc message
  232. WebCam for Skype Ready players
  233. Disc not recognised message on my bdp5100 multi region
  234. Philips BDP5200/12 noise
  235. Pplaying MP3 from SAN using app
  236. High temperature on my BDP5200/12 player
  237. BDP5200 and 3D not playing correctly
  238. Your comments are needed: Fast wake-up feature
  239. BDP5500, BDP5510 & BDP6100 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.71) has been released
  240. Netflix on BDP5500/50
  241. Updates (Blu-Ray: BDP5100)
  242. How to order files alphabetically in the BDF5500???
  243. X2 and X-men last stand blu ray play problems
  244. Subtitles / 21:9 Philips TV
  245. Bdp 3200
  246. no quality BDP5180 no read Bluray "unknown disk"
  247. BDP5500 crashes?
  248. BDP5200/12 and 3D not playing correctly
  249. Software upgrade problem
  250. Reading disorder with the bluray 3D - BDP 5200