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  1. BDP7500SL/12 - NTFS support
  2. Noisy blue ray,
  3. Pathetic support,
  4. Discret IR code for BDP7500S2
  5. BDP7500 + firmware 1.53 = can't read Avatar blu-ray
  6. Unable to play Harry potter Half blood prince on BDP7500
  7. Split MKV files?
  8. Freezing picture - DLNA.
  9. ghosting bij 3d
  10. BDP7500 default settings - what´s going on?
  11. "Playback feature may not be available..."
  12. BDP7500B2/12 and 5.1 analog output
  13. BDP7300/12 not playing Narnia 3: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  14. AVCHD discs are spinning very fast
  15. BDP7500B2/12 - Can't read Avatar Blu-Ray Long Version
  16. BDP 7500/2: ARD / ZDF / ARTE HD MPEG TS not playable
  17. 7500/S2 problems
  18. BDP7500B2/12 audio 5.1 output
  19. BDP7500 (B2/12) a lot of headaches to solve
  20. Ethernet to WiFi?
  21. Need help
  22. BDP 7500 Mk2 stoped working after update
  23. Sound of Blu Ray via Receiver corrupted
  24. DTS decoding
  25. BDP7500 mkII + The Expandables Blu Ray
  26. BDP7500SL/12 DVD playback problems
  27. Problem with subtitles in BDP7500B2/12
  28. BDP7500B2 Internet update not possible with 1.53
  29. BDP7500B2/05 not reacting to inputs
  30. DLNA Troubles with BDP7600/12 (no connect to server)
  31. Blue Ray and noise + commercial sample
  32. BDP7600/12 - Network problems
  33. The Specialist on BDP 7500
  34. No DVD voice track via analog stereo out
  35. Problem play 50GB Discs with BDP7500B2/12
  36. BDP 7500sl Star Wars Blu Rays
  37. Pirates of Caribbean 3d
  38. When paused, streamed movie starts at the beginning (BDP7600)
  40. BDP7600/12 starts sometimes without being asked
  41. Problems with BDP7600 and SD-cards
  42. BDP7500MKII Latest Firmware upgrade (1.60) has been released
  43. BDP7600: Bug with fast forward, chapters and time search during playback of MKV files
  44. BDP7600: Bug with file names containing special language characters (e. g. umlaute)
  45. BDP7600: Please use title information of MKV files
  46. RemoteCodes for SBC ru 760 / BDP7500mk2
  47. BDP 7600: Results with official mkv test suite files
  48. BDP7600 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.35) has been released
  49. BDP7500MKII Video thumbnails over DLNA
  50. IR HEX codes for BDP7500MK2
  51. Tweaking the Picture?
  52. Help with BDP7500B2 remote Control
  53. Alien Anthology & Avatar Blu Ray Problems BDP7500SL
  54. BDP7500B2 - Startup issues
  55. What is the supported video codec on BDP7300?
  56. BDP-7600 Bugs
  57. No subtitles when streaming a movie with the DLNA option
  58. BDP7600/12 (1.35): No HD subtitles in MKV Container
  59. BDP7500BL/12 - "Black Swan" - No Playback
  60. BDP 7600 and Creative p5800 5.1 system
  61. ARC with TV/PC/BDP
  62. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2
  63. NetTV access problems
  64. Problems with the latest Pirates of the Caribbean.
  65. BDP7600 - streamed HD-videos stop after 30sec
  66. Clipping/clicking noise from TV speakers when playing blu-ray discs on BDP7600/05
  67. Philips 7600/12 Do not support Greek srt subtitles over LAN network
  68. Best sound output from BDP7600
  69. Firmware wishlist for 7600 blu-ray player
  70. Blu-ray: BDP7000 Series- No volume control
  71. Streaming MKV to BDP7600/12
  72. Soun delay in BDP7600/51
  73. BDP7600 not available in Germany
  74. Problem reading some 3D Blu ray
  75. eventual problems with mkv files on portable hard drive
  77. BDP7600 DTS track in MKV container
  78. 3D for Philips BDP7500SL
  79. Philips BDP7600/12 NTFS support?
  80. BDP7600 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.42) has been released
  81. [BDP7600/12] Download option for Firmware V1.35 or older?
  82. BDP7600 remember Character set?
  83. Standby on BDP: loud peeping, help needed
  84. ECD version of SW v1.42 available for BDP7600
  85. screen size issue
  86. 3D glasses
  87. Can't pause network stream
  88. My folders doesnt show using DLNA
  89. Hide file infos in slideshow
  90. BDP7600/12: Results with official mkv test suite - Part 2
  91. BDP7600/12: Several bugs during playback of MKV files - Part 2
  92. BDP7500 MKII can't detect disk
  93. Bdp 7600 Language Codes list?
  94. BDP7500MKII - no 21:9 Format
  95. problem with bdp7600/12
  96. Are there Discrete Hex Codes or a ccf available for my Players.
  97. BDP7500/2 further problems
  98. BDP7500MKII Latest Firmware upgrade (v1.63) has been released
  99. BDP7600/12 - WiFi Infrastructure (Manual) Settings
  100. BDP7600/12 - SDHC Format Bug?
  101. freeze BDP7600/12 with Onkyo 609
  102. BDP 7500 BL/12 read Blu Ray on LTH support
  103. problem with twilight 4 and jurassic park trilogy - model 7500 mkII
  104. BDP7600/12 front display does not display audio CD track numbers???
  105. No detection of USB HDD (3,5" - USB3.0 - 3TB)
  106. Unable to play streamed files
  107. BDP7500 freeze on Philips Screen
  108. BDP7700 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.17) has been released
  109. BDP7600 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.55) has been released
  110. WFMX / Unable to get BDP7520 and Win 7 to see each other.
  111. problems displaying DVD's with BDP7600/12
  112. BDP7600 : Subtitles improvement
  113. Does BDP7500MKII works with Android APP?
  114. Limited Volume Level
  115. BDP7600 : Issues while MP3 Playing
  116. BDP7600/12 or 05 no idea of s/ware v. model won't play the entirety of Man On Fire?
  117. Problems with BDP7700
  118. BDP-7700 USB HDD support
  119. BDP7700 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.28) has been released
  120. BDP7700 Camera support
  121. BDP7500B2 No reation to remote control
  122. BDP7600/12 TimeSearch does not work for long videos
  123. DTS to multichannel
  124. BDP7500 Freeze on Philips screen
  125. BDP7600/12 connectivity issue
  126. 21:9 TVs and players questions
  127. BDP7700 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.34) has been released
  128. No ambilight using easyLink
  129. BDP7500 MKII stopped working, no picture.
  130. Error messages, no response to remote control
  131. issue with bdp 7600/12
  132. MKV file issue
  133. BDP7600 and home made DVD
  134. BDP7700 Latest Firmware upgrade (v3.46) has been released
  135. BDP 7600 doesn't play some 3d titles
  136. can not play original bluray disk om bdp7500
  137. can not play original bluray disk om bdp7500
  138. BDP 7700 AVCHD Disk Problem
  139. BDP7500B2 won't works properly at start
  140. BDP7500B2 won't works properly at start
  141. Q about the BDP7700
  142. Problem with MKV 1920x800 and BDP7600
  143. MKV support - Remuxing support - Subtitle support -
  144. BDP7700/12 - firmware downgrade
  145. Status on issues reported
  146. EasyLink problem on my BDP7700
  147. Bllu-ray disc 25GB with mkv data as "Unknown disc"
  148. BDP7700 - Multiple sequences of picture & sound loss (20 sec.)
  149. 3d on BDP7500B2/12
  150. Question about BDP 7700 startup
  151. BDP7700 Latest Firmware upgrade (v3.53) has been released
  152. Problem with Update of FirmWare - BDP7700/12
  153. Missing Netflix App0
  154. Dailymotion in BDP7700/12 - wireless keyboard
  155. BluRay "The Raid" from AFilm doesn't want to play in my BDP7500SL
  156. still bugs but no updates
  157. Auto Start Blue-Ray
  158. BDP7500 Problems with 720P playback via USB
  159. BDP7700 firmware 3.53 - still buggy
  160. .WMV @ BDP7700 won't play at any config.
  161. problem with hard drive 1 tb bdp 7600
  162. My BDP7700 can't play my blue ray 6 disc album "The Pacific"
  163. Bdp7500b2/05 Sound problem
  164. BDP7700/12 and SD card support for BD-Live
  165. BDP7500BL not starting up
  166. BDP7300/12 does not play LTH Verbatim BluRay
  167. Connection of Yamaha YSP 3300 to Philips 46PFL9707S TV and to Philips BDP7700 blu ray
  168. audio streaming problem (one song per command)
  169. Problem to browse folders on a NAS with BDP7600
  170. BDP 7600 no video signal
  171. BDP7500, The Amazing Spider-Man and Firmware
  172. Compatibility with MKV specifications
  173. Only stereo on HDMI? No 5.1 passthrough? What TV/BD-models?
  174. BDP7500S2 - dlna screen
  175. I can't access Facebook app on a BDP7700
  176. Bdp7500 mkii
  177. Connecting the BDP7700 to a 21:9 56pfl9956
  178. Gracenote
  179. Philips SRU6008 not compatible with RC4503?
  180. BDP7300/12 refuses to play some recent blu ray discs
  181. Your comments are needed: Fast wake-up feature
  182. BDP7700 Latest Firmware upgrade (V3.71) has been released
  183. Not able to update firmware
  184. Can't connect to FB
  185. BDP7700 colors subtitles
  186. StartUp Problem
  187. BDP 7700/12 Problems
  188. BDP7700 doesn't save WiFi settings
  189. wma audioformat not supported??
  190. BDP7700 - Doesn't play discs, cannot perform software upgrade via USB either
  191. bdp 7500 will not play fringe season 3 disc 1
  192. "Unknown Disk" message - " Άγνωστος Δίσκος" in Greek
  193. BBC DVD's not playing?
  194. BDP7500B2/12 Cinavia compliant?
  195. Informations before buying BDP7700 (subtitles, NTFS hdd...)
  196. Problems playing dvd "breaking bad" bdp7700/12
  197. Unable to read UK Misery BD on BDP7500B2 player
  198. MKV Chapter problems
  199. BDP7600 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.67) has been released
  200. BDP7700 problems with dvd and bluray extra
  201. Sound problem BDP7700
  202. Filmbox & Youtube issues
  203. Problem with subtitles to bdp 7700
  204. BDP7700X/12, 2013 model. Does it exist?
  205. bdp 7700 no dts from 5.1 Analog Output?
  206. BDP7750 latest firmware upgrade(v1.20) has been released
  207. BDP7500SL/12 unable to play The Wolverine
  208. BDP7700 - MKV issues
  209. firmware BDP7700 & BDP7750
  210. Is BDP-7700/12 compatible with LAN rj45 CAT6 and CAT7 cable?
  211. Home Media Player HMP7100/12 new user
  212. Hardware Specs BDP7750
  213. Stuttering MKV video BDP7700/12 > 10Gig files
  214. BDP7700 cannot read MKV files from DLNA server/ WD Live book
  215. Netflix App Displays in Wrong Aspect Ratio
  216. no connection to net tv server
  217. Zero Dark Thirty won't play on BDP7500
  218. We can not see local channels on Net TV
  219. Bluray problems
  220. BDP-7750 full freeze problem
  221. No disc problems
  222. BDP7750 - 3D Playback problem
  223. BDP7750/12 won't resume blu-ray discs
  224. BDP7750 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.26) has been released
  225. BDP7700 firmware release version 4.02
  226. bdp7750 uppgrade
  227. Unable to read all zones blu-ray discs on BDP 7500
  228. srt.files on bdp 7750/12 dont work properly
  229. Media player HMP7100 and subtitles
  230. BDP7500mkII/12 can't read The Grand Budapest Hotel
  231. Can't Update Firmware on my BDP7500B2
  232. Problems connecting my DMP7700 to my PFS6609, through my Pioneer receiver
  233. Cannot connect CnMemory 3TB to Media player HMP7100
  234. BDP7750/12 No more zoom available since FW 1.26
  235. BDP7750/12 after fw upgrade Youtube search not working
  236. BDP7750/12 Miracast Anazon Fire HDX fails
  237. Deezer Connection
  238. bluray not playing any disc
  239. Bdp 7750/12
  240. Philips hmp7100/12 subtitle issues not solved
  241. DVD navigation playing ISO files
  242. Poor picture quality on BDP9700 - Help
  243. BDP7600 crashes
  244. bluray Oblivion (universal picture) not work
  245. HMP7100 file list not in order
  246. [BDP7750] Stuck on boot screen
  247. BDP7500MkII/05 not playing some blu-ray discs
  248. Bdp7500/12
  249. BDP7700 crashed, how to start-up
  250. The CD tray pops out from the player.