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  1. Listing of the Blu-ray model numbers that are supported in this forum
  2. What does my modelnumber mean?
  3. Have you upgrade the latest firmware for your Blu-ray products yet?
  4. Subtitle problem
  5. Subtitle problem on my blue ray micro unit
  6. How do I upgrade firmware without connected to the Internet?
  7. Points to note for Blu-ray firmware upgrade.
  8. thanks Philips this is quite nice.
  9. SACD on BluRay philips
  10. How to use the Philips AV remote control app?
  11. NAS that suits the Philips BDP range
  12. 3D AV Receiver
  13. Info on CinemaPerfect HD engine specs needed.
  14. Main L4.0 video profile support
  15. Quick URL for FW downloading
  16. MBD3000 Latest Firmware upgrade V1.07 has been released
  17. Do I need a 3D BlueRay for my Pol-3D-TV?
  18. introduction!
  19. Hmp5000/12
  20. HMP5000 stops reading video after 30-45min
  21. How can I access lovefilm.com with HMP2000 ?
  22. HMP5000 - subtitles over DLNA?
  23. HMP5000 - Wishlist
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  25. Philips HMP2000/05 Remote Codes...
  26. Discrete IR code for Blu-ray players and Home Cinema Sound system
  27. Hmp3000/79 help
  28. HMP3000/79 help
  29. HMP3000/79 help
  30. HMP2000 connectivity
  31. HMP5000 can't save a shortcut
  32. MBD7020 Latest Firmware upgrade (V1.21) has been released
  33. HMP3000/98 - Freezes on Philips Startup Logo
  34. Firmware update for HMP3000/98
  35. Hdt 8520 Recording problems
  36. HMP5000 media player plays not MKV
  37. Portable Blu-ray player PB9001/05 - Issues with what files and media are supported
  38. PHILIPS DVP3880/58 subtitles?
  39. MBD3000 doesn't open any more
  40. Generic codec table for BDP HTS
  41. LCD PD7032/05 (slave dual screen) image problem
  42. Cinavia watermark content protection
  43. Converting webm videos to play on the HMP3000.
  44. HMP5000 folder sorting
  45. Updating the list of playable movies in HMP3000 Philips Media Player.
  46. HMP5000/12 does not want to start anymore
  47. HMP3000 help please
  48. HMP7001 Latest Firmware upgrade (v109) has been released
  49. HMP2500T Latest Firmware upgrade (575049.20121109) has been released
  50. hmp5000 media player does nog recognize MKV files
  51. sync video and sound on bluray
  52. HMP2000 interface
  53. HMP2000 cannot connect to wireless network
  54. Hmp5000
  55. HMP7001 version v114 has been released
  56. HMP5000/12; HMP5000/55; HMP5000/79; HMP5000/93; HMP5000/98- Latest Firmware Upgrade
  57. HMP7000/05 Latest Firmware upgrade (v90) has been released
  58. HMP7000(B)/93 Latest Firmware upgrade (v116) has been released
  59. HMP7001/12 Issues
  60. DVD Player support Discrete Codes
  61. HMP5000 & Windows 7
  62. HMP5000 & Internet Services
  63. HMP2000/05 forgets network
  64. Hmp5000 & ps3
  65. HMP3000/12 - big problem - purple screen
  66. Firmware upgrade not detected with DVP3850K/98
  67. Firmware upgrade not detected with DVP3850K/98
  68. Does Philips make any blu-ray players that are multiregion for DVDs?
  69. HMP5000/12 Videoformat not supported.
  70. Query regarding DVP 3126 dvd player
  71. HMP7001 Latest Firmware upgrade (v127 for /05; v126 for /12) has been released.
  72. HMP5000/12 networking
  73. HMP5000/12 urgent improvements
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  75. Two questions about HMP5000/12
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  78. Where do i post message in wright forum on DVD players
  79. Cannot access samba resource with HMP7100
  80. HMP5000 - Doesn't recognise WD My Passport Essential 500GB(WDBACY5000A)
  81. Unable to access iMac files shared on the network
  82. need help with my HMP5000/79