View Full Version : activate jointspace for myremote

01-02-2013, 08:30 AM
My 37PFL8404 with firmeware Q5481_0. 26.78.0 (latest) is connected to me local network via the LAN connection on the TV which connect to my wifi router.
I am trying to use myremote on my iphone 4 and I need to activate jointspace for that on the TV
The help of the app says I have to do this by entering the code 564 687 722 3 (jointspace) on my original remote but this does not seem to work; the TV does not responf to this.
I have contected the support department via live chat and they say it requires wifi on your TV but I cannot find that requirement anywhere else. In addition i found someone on the forum (closed topic) that said he had it working on the 8404.
Does anyone know how to activate jointspace on the 8404 and do I really need wifi on the TV?


01-02-2013, 02:34 PM
Funny thing: I contacted the support department again saying that I thought the answer was incorrect adn I was told to enter to code quicker. To my surprise this solved the problem!
Working like a charm now.
So as far as I am concerned: topic can be closed.