View Full Version : 42pfl6007 / 42pfl6067. Very, very good. Only one "but..."

01-02-2013, 10:59 AM

I personally own the 42pfl6067 but the 42pfl6007 is pretty much the same. The 6067 has a 600Hz display and Perfect Natural Motion - there is no other difference between the two sets. A large number of shops only sell the 6007, so I thought I'd start a review thread for both. I examined the image quality of the 2 sets side by side and they are equivalent. Fast moving text is clearer on the 6067 because of the 600Hz display vs 400Hz for the 6007. I didn't see any obvious difference between "HD Natural Motion" and "Perfect Natural Motion".

The picture quality is really good. Passive 3D means you don't get tired after a while when watching a movie, also I am not reluctant to giving 3D glasses to my 4 yro daughter. I don't like active 3D very much. Viewing angles are very good. Ambilight is a nice bonus to have. One minor glitch: the TV was not able to see the contents of all folders of my NAS through DLNA, just one of them. This probably is a bug.

The Natural Motion motion compensation algorithm is extremely efficient. I observed many TV sets in three different shops and it seems Philips clearly has an advantage. The algorithm keeps a smooth motion under most circumstances, this is not the case for competitors. There are some artefacts but I prefer having a smooth motion with very minor artefacts than no artefact and a motion that occasionally stutters. Samsung or Sony tv sets have less artefacts but the motion stutters MUCH more often. I don't like that.

Now a negative point although most people might live with it just fine.

There is a very, very faint vertical band (referred to on the web as 'vertical banding' or DSE/Dirty Screen Effect) in the middle of the screen. It's a band of dark color. It takes a few days to see it. It can be seen with horizontal or rotational pannings with a blue background (eg. a blue sky). Surprisingly, a white background does not reveal it too much. Also, two extremely faint stripes of shade, about 1cm long, at the location of the vertical band, starting from the top edge, and going downwards, can be seen - still with a blue background. Again, it takes some time to see it but eventually it is obvious. It is not too annoying, but it is definitely there.

If anybody could share an opinion on the 42pfl6007 or 6067 that would be awesome.