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01-03-2013, 12:46 PM
Writing from Germany

Hi, I am a newbie here so please excuse my ignorance.

I suppose that the details of my TV will be shown automatically as I have entered them when registering. Just in case I shall try to add a jpg file. Firmware is up to date.

Problem: No idea how to watch YouTube videos.

Somebody in this forum wrote, "I have reinstalled youtube app". How do you do that in detail? Somebody else said that she / he had emptied the cache - how does that work???
The thing is that my TV is a wonderful appliance but YouTube is just not working.
This is unclear to me:
1. There is something like "App Gallery" or so - there are many apps but no YouTube app.
2. There is the button: Internet. Starting from there gives me the possibility to enter an address - eg directly to one of my YouTube videos - with no result. The video will appear but the frame remains black - the video will not start.
3. Going to the YouTube button as provided by PHILIPS software directly I am advised to go to youtube.com/activate and a code number is offered. From HERE nothing can be done. Going to that address (via the button Internet) gives me no chance to enter any code but leads directly to the YouTube page where the same frustrating experience is waiting. 4. Going again to the YouTube button but choose "My Youtube" I am invited to Login which works fine. All my Videos are waiting for me the public ones and the private ones - BUT not a single one will start.

Is anybody out there who is willing to assist a newbie - or is it just a common problem? OK, I can always connect my laptop via HDMI and watch my videos that way. But - it seems to be senseless as there must be a way to use the TV directly. So please help, thanks!


01-06-2013, 12:34 PM
Although nobody seems to be interested as I have received no reply I shall present the solution I found in the meantime:

This advice is for those with an own YouTube account only:

At first I had a look under "App Gallery" (Home / search Net TV) in order to find out whether the YouTube App would still be there. If not it has already been placed on my Homepage where indeed in my case it was situated so nothing had to be changed as far as this is concerned.
The next step was to click the above mentioned YouTube Button and choose "My YouTube". There a message appears that you must please note a certain code number which is provided in the same message. One is advised further to enter this number after addressing youtube.com/activate. The problem however is that one is not told WHERE to enter the address youtube.com/activate. Maybe I am the only stupid one but I went back to the button Internet on my TV in order to enter this address - which is wrong! Rather go and start your Computer, there you enter the address while your TV is waiting. To be more precise: When you see the code number on your TV just write it down and leave the TV as it is. After you have completed the process as described you return to you TV and will see the success!
Note: To return to the Internet Button on your TV will not be helpful since there the process is not working - there is no Flash Player and it cannot be installed either. Via the YouTube Button the so called YouTube-Leanback will take over - and it really works fantastic - at least in my case.