View Full Version : Myremote doesn't work on my 32PFL3517H/12 Smart TV

01-03-2013, 07:52 PM
I installed the app Myremote on my iPad but he can't find my Smart TV 32PFL3517H/12.

This TV is connected to my network by cable and DHCP is enabled. The TV gets an IP-adres from my modem/router and my network scanner recognizes this IP-adres. Youtube works, so the connection is ok, I believe. So far so good.
Although I believe that this new model doesn't need configuration by JointSpace, I tried to configure JointSpace by typing the code 5646877223 with the remote of the TV, but I don't get the message "JointSpace enabled". The only thing that happens that the TV goes to the channels wich are typed in.

What can I do to let the app Myremote work on my TV ?

Hopefully somebody can help me....