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01-04-2013, 11:42 PM

I am Max, a newly registered user but I already own Philips TV for a while. I recently bought a new 37PFL6007H/12, I installed it then updated it with the last firmware which is the

I can't tell if my TV had the problem before because I updated first the firmware. Here is the problem : when I watch an Avi file from a DLNA server or even a USB stick, the sound (poor sound quality) cracks each time when it looks like there are multiple "layers of sound".
It's difficult to explain the problem in English for a French man! When I talk about multiple layers I mean if there are only characters speaking, it's fine but if they speak in a noisy environment, the sound cracks!
The perfect example is a nightclub or a factory or whatever!

Am I the only one who encounter that kind of problem?

I can add some informations, it doesn't do the same thing with all Avi Files ; some work great and some get me headaches!
I tried to surround the problem and I think the problem occurs when it's an XVid video + MPEG audio.

Last information : I don't have the problem with my 32PFL6606H/12! So the files aren't the problem!

I require some help! Thanks!


Up : I've just found a XVid+Mpeg Audio file which works so it's not the problem...

01-05-2013, 06:51 AM
I am new too, nice to meet you!