View Full Version : 52PFL9704 small improvments are possible?

02-02-2011, 03:41 PM


I like the "essential" Ui of my tv but when compared to competitors philips UI may looks a bit uggly.

I would like samo small improvments:
- first the reordering the favorite channels in the main matrix
I wish to have the insert + swap option (not only insert)

- second, clicking the channel info button on remote I wish to see the data speed of the channel,
so I can understand when the image is weak in quality because is broadcasted poor from source

- third, philps may add a personal II setting store ? (vivace, natural, cinema, personal, + personal II )
Because I like to have 2 settings using the TV with PC:
personal I when I use pc on tv for internet surfing ( 50Hz, natural motion OFF, eco power, ...),
personal II when watching a movie with my pc (25Hz, natural motion ON, best image power,...)

thank you in advance