View Full Version : HTS5582 and NAS (WD live Book)

01-08-2013, 09:16 AM
Last week I connected a WD MyBook live (NAS) to my network. I am using it to store music, pictures and movies on it so I could play movies etc from on my HTS 5582 it without using a notebook.

The problem is that the HTS 5582 doesn't always find the NAS on the network, sometimes I need to reboot the HTS up to 5 times before it see the folders on the NAS. The NAS is always on and the shared folder is public available, also both devices are wired connect on the same router/switch. The HTS always sees the NAS as a available server, but it can't find the folders.

The firmware of the HTS up-to-date, so that can't be the issue. Anybody an idea howto fix this? Or is this "normal" behavior of the HTS?