View Full Version : BDP9600 analogue-out lip-sinc, please!

01-08-2013, 11:36 AM
Dear Philips,

Many users prefer the high quality sound of their stereo amplifier and speakers above the sound of their high-end Philips screen, receiver or other surround devices. These stereo amplifiers most often don't have HDMI but only analog connections. The problem is that the modern screens don't have an analog audio out anymore and in-between adapter systems don't work properly. So what remains is the direct analog audio connections from the blu-ray player to the stereo amplifier. This way the sound is perfect, but there is a lip-synchronization problem. There is an other brand of a blu-ray producer that solved the problem, but as faithful Philips consumers, we want to stick with Philips. Please solve this problem with an update of the BDP9600 and make lip-sync for analog audio-out possible.

Best Regards, Gerrit