View Full Version : Playing of external medias / TV-Program sort /S-Video

02-05-2011, 02:15 PM
I' have found out:
1. Some media files on a external USB drive (f.e. *.rm) don't present a message that this format is not playable. In such cases the TV hangs and must be restarted.
2. I'm missing a feature to input direct a number to move the TV station to a dedicated place. F.e. RTL (Germany, analog cable) ist found in a 9xx Channel and has to move to Place 4 inb the favorit list. It need very long to move RTL with the remote control to place 4.
Also I'm missing a feature to make a fine tuning direct in the list of found programs.
Why can not the file of the sorted programs saved on external medias?
Also I'm missing a knop to activate direct VideoText via remote control.
3. Also I'm missing a Input-selector if I will connect a S-VHS VCR (f.e. Philips VR960) to the TV. The TV offers only SCART (RGB/FBAS) resp. YPbPr (YpbPr should be ready for S-Video via a adapter as the german support of Philips told) but at the other hand 7605 has already a S-Video (Y/C) Input which is only disabled by the Firmware.

Sorry for my bad english but my mother-tongue is german. :(