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01-12-2013, 02:48 PM

My name is Edwin, i recently bought a PHILIPS 46PFL9707S.

This is a fantastic TV:
* Sound = very good
* Looks of the TV = very good/ nice materials
* Installation = very easy to install
* Colours = good but i am looking for the best settings, i think ( i hope) it cann be better.

* If i am watching ice skating competitions on this TV i see a lot off ghosting ( i call it ghosting).
I have also a Full led TV of LG, which cost 1/2 of this PHILIPS TV, this LG TV has not this problem.
Can this be the software?
I have record this problem (recording on usb), i hope i can send this to Philips, so they can work on this problem to solve this

Where to can i send this recording?

Thanks in advance,


(sorry for my bad english)

Phil neutral
01-12-2013, 03:52 PM
In the menu you have the setting "perfect natural motion". Set this setting to "off"

01-14-2013, 07:57 AM
You may also try to explain a little bit further what's "ghosting" in your mind.

01-16-2013, 03:58 PM
Hi to all,

I have recently bought a 46PFL9707S as well and I must say I am still facing some nasty problems. I hope anyone can help me out.
The TV has been upgraded to the latest SW version 150.82 and I also did a full reset to factory installation. Cost me a lot of time....

1. I connected a HDD which is spinning 24 hours a day. So it does not hibernate and I think this will the lifeitime of this equipment seriously.

2. TV is not reacting on the remote. When I try to switch it on with a IR Harmony One Remote it sometimes respons but sometime it won't start up. If it fail to start up, the original remote doesn't respense at all. Only solution is to decouple the mains and plug it in.

3. TV settings as imagestyle sometimes do not work. The TV starts up with a overexposed white picture or with a dark picture. It does help to switch a couple of times from standard, natural, movie etc to resolve this and to get the imagestyle working properly.

4. When streaming video from our NAS the TV sometimes crashes completely when skipping scenes in HD material.

5. When playing around (pause) with the broadcasting, so making use of the connected HDD, the TV sometimes doesn't respond anymore. Full crash. (mains unplug/plug procedure; switch would have made my life easier...)

6. I do miss the functionality on the guide. When you watch a channel and want to see what will be next ion this and other channels I want to make use of the guide. By making use of the guide, you do not see or hear any longer what is on the TV at that moment. I have a Cisco cable tuner where this works perfect.

I have connected 5 HDMI devices and 1 YPbPr device and as mentioned a HDD.