View Full Version : Need Playback Info before Purchasing a HTS3541/F7

01-13-2013, 02:01 AM
Hi !

In my some 40 years of buying a/v equipment, I have always found Philips one of the best.
I am considering a new home theater system. It doesn't have to be high end. Bu t it does have to
have a most important playback function. When stopping playback, or shutting the receiver off, upon resuming playback, the dvd should start at the place where it left off.

My last two home theaters were Samsung. I bought a 3rd to upgrade the older one to blu ray.
Well, I found out that when stopping the disc, or shutting off and coming back to watch it later, the disc will ONLY start from the beginning. A quick chat with a representative verfied that it doesn't have the resume function.

How lame. Well, I found complaints about Sony as well.

I wasn't thinking Philips at all, until I saw manufacture listings, and the price point I want to stay with.

So here I am asking the question. The user guide I downloaded and read, didn't really answer it.

I imagine someone here can though. As soon as I take the Samsung back for a refund, I will get (hopefully) the Philips.

Thanks in advance.


01-15-2013, 03:25 PM
What do you mean exactly?

01-19-2013, 02:17 PM
What do you mean exactly?

If I stop playback during the dvd. When I go back and press play, will the dvd RESUME where I stopped watching it ?
Or does it return to the menu, and I have to forward it to the place I stopped watching it ?

Same question applies to: If I stop playback of the dvd, and shut the unit off, when I power it back on , will it remember where it was stopped and RESUME playback at that spot ?

Hope this was clear and concise.