View Full Version : On/Off/Suspend improvement suggestions

01-15-2013, 03:31 PM
I noticed on my 8007 that when I switch the TV into standby using my remote, and after that switching it off, it's quite a hassle to get it connected again.

My improvement suggestions:
1. When switched off using remote control, allow one of the buttons on the side to wake it up (e.g. + or -).
This saves the time to find the remote before getting some light from the tv ;).

2. When switched off using the button, and switching it back on: let the led-guide (blinker for remote) give light (white light).
Don't switch back to suspend, always go on.
The light was the case on 2010 models, but is not the case on the 2012 models. This light will help you knowing for sure it's booting... as it takes some time before it actually starts.
I now have frequently that i press the button on the tv... wait... nothing happends... press again... and find myself turning it off again.

3. (If actually possible via software update): make the button on the TV have 2 functions: short press: normal (red light) standby; long 3 sec. press: off.
This is the behavior on every single laptop/desktop incl. macbooks and even beamers.