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01-17-2013, 07:43 PM
I recently bought a PFL5527 tv and am experiencing some issues, I'm hoping these could be fixed (or have a decent workaround)?

1) Mkv's with a framerate of 24 (23,97) cause judder. Both when streaming or using usb. It is my understanding that this used to be a problem with 50hz tv's (and even more so with 60hz ones) since 24 frames couldn't be mapped exactly to 50hz (24x2 is only 48, so 2 frames need to be repeated an additional time). But… isn't 400hz supposed to fix this? I tried various settings for the natural motion, super resolution, etc… but it doesn't seem to have a lot of effect for this issue.

2) The wifi connection keeps dropping regularly (every 10-20 minutes). It doesn't seem to happen when a movie is streaming, but it does when on the screen for browsing a media server or the smart tv screen. The tv is close to the wireless N router, I'm not expecting a problem there. Possibly, this issue only started after the last firmware upgrade, but I didn't use the tv a lot before so I'm not certain.

3) The VGA connection doesn't work with my mac. The mac recognizes the tv as a Philips and configures itself in dual-screen mode with the correct resolution / frame rate. However, the tv says that no input is found. I saw some posts of people with a similar problem. One of them suggested to connect the mac to another screen, then disconnect the VGA cable from that screen and connect it to the tv, all the while keeping the VGA cable connected to the mac. This did work, the image appeared. The difference was that the mac now was configured as if the other screen was connected, not a 'Philips tv'. So, I suspect it's a problem with that particular configuration in the graphics driver, but… I'm wondering if it is because the used configuration is for some other Philips product who's configuration is incompatible… and thus if it could be solved if the tv gave other info when a pc/mac is connecting via VGA… info that would trigger another configuration?

4) Smart TV is slow. I don't really use it a lot so for me personally this is a minor issue, but for whom it's one of the reasons to buy the tv, it's dissapointing...

I also have some ideas for improvement:

1) Currently, the volume control for headphones is in the menu and is completely separate from the speakers. This means that even when you're using headphones, the tv speakers stay on, unless you explicitely mute them. This also means that while using headphones, you cannot use the volume control on the remote as it would turn the tv speakers back on. This all seems very counter-intuitive to me. Does anyone actually use headphones and speakers at the same time? I would suggest adding a 'headphones' option to the 'speakers' setting in the 'adjust' menu. This way, we could switch between the tv speakers and the headphones in one place and use the volume control on the remote for the selected option. The current setting in the menu could be left there and function as a volume control while the tv speakers are on, and as a 'default setting' when switching to the headphones in the 'adjust' menu.

Btw, is it correct that the headphone output should be used when connecting a classic stereo to the tv (as opposed to a surround system)?

2) I would be nice to have an option to see the home screen when starting the tv, or the network/usb screen. This could be usefull when someone uses the tv exclusively for streaming and/or usb and/or smart tv, as now there will always be a 'no input' error on startup.

3) Why is the interface not full hd (or at least not sharp)? I was a bit surprised by this…

I'm really hoping some of these issues/idea's can be solved/added since they're just software… I think the tv has a lot going for it once these are figured out… great natural colors, good blacks, good contrast (even with dynamic contrast off, I noticed it too much), easy interface, fantastic remote (practical, simple, clear design, … your competition could learn something from you), handy wizards (initial setup and sound/picture), lots of connectivity options with connectors in logical/practical locations, built-in wifi, nice design with thin bezel, …

01-17-2013, 10:00 PM
Regarding issue 1, I just did some additional tests from a usb hard drive. It sort of seems as if the natural motion can't keep up with the video. For example, there's a panning scene with a lot of judder (background also gets unclear). I rewind the video until a few seconds before the scene, wait for 5 seconds and then press play... now the scene suddenly is judder-free. A few seconds later, the judder starts again... (the natural motion setting is on medium)

Additionally, the judder doesn't always happen at the same places, sometimes there's a better result, sometimes one that's worse... again suggesting the natural motion sometimes keeping up, sometimes not...

I'm actually not sure anymore if it is related to the 24 fps. I configured a media server to convert the frame rate to 25 fps, which resulted in a stutter-free video, hence my suspicion. However... I might have overlooked some settings, so I'm actually not sure if the stutter-free video is a result from 25 fps (it might still have been 24), or just from a re-encoded video file (not sure which encoding).