View Full Version : Improvements vwith version 3.13 MyRemote app

01-17-2013, 10:52 PM

For the first time I have seen some improvements when Philips is launching a new version.

I just DL the upgraded app, and now I can also use it for accessing my different Media Libraries on my network. Even if this possibly has been the intention all the time this is the first time it actually seems to work.

Just a few tips for the next version:
• Could you please make it possible to play several files continuously?
• Is there any chance you can make the app run in background with screen turned off so that the battery on my phone will last a bit longer? Now the app has to be on top, and the screen has to be lit.... Not good for battery life.
• When showing photos from this app; is it possible to start sending data for the next photo while showing the first one? Now the photo is on for 1 sec, there will be some seconds waiting with the familiar blue dot on black screen. This actually runs smoother when controlling this from the TV.
• I know that the last point possibly will be a little much to ask about as there are more serious problems with your software, but will it be possible to send the album art to the TV as it now after the upgrade is sent to the phone?

The remote control part of the app also now works almost all the time; this has not been the case earlier. It has had problems seeing the TV on the network even if it has been pingable over the WLAN..

The WiFi Smart Screen will probably also work in a future version. This feature has never worked so I do not actually know what it is supposed to do...

I would also like to thank Philips for “forcing” me to learn a lot about network protocols, setting up fixed IP addresses, knowing what RIP & Multicast means, including the difference between RIP-2B and RIP-2M. I also has developed a special interest in lease times, re- authentication time + + as this feature has crashed the communication to and from the TV. This TV has been the only device on my network with such problems…

Thank you Philips; for providing me with a hobby for the last 3-4 months. I have now spent many hours trying to get the TV working in my network and has gained a lot of (useless?) knowledge.