View Full Version : Dirty Screen Effect (DSE) on 46PFL9707S

01-20-2013, 11:24 AM
Dear Philips Team,

I got the 46PFL9707S. I am a Philips fan and ambilight addict. I also have my old 2007 32PF9830/10, great tv...still today.
Ok back to the new device...overall fine, menu are slow but this will hopefully be solved by a FW...we see the tpvision mark as sometimes when i switch from one source to another it is displayed in chinese!!! It does not give a food impression... To me the major issue is DSE that is quite noticable on football games for instance when the is a quick travelling....you see like shadows. This is really dissapointing for a TV of´that price and i beleive there is not much to do....i guess all have that issue....more or less and it seems Philips oficials have acknoledge the issue. What are you planning to do about this?

Anyone else have noticed DSE on 9series?


01-24-2013, 12:23 AM
Damn! I have a 46pfl9706H it have the have the same problem have been sent several times to repair and come back with the same error. Now I get maybe my money back. To buy 46PFL9707S but now I do not know if I comforted after it has the same problem.