View Full Version : PC feed to TV 'monitor'

01-24-2013, 08:04 PM
Just getting started in this, and have studied MANY 'How To' on the internet. As a senior citizen, I got very confused quickly, so thought I'd try the forum.

We have a 2008 50" wide Philips version that has the USB connection on the rear; and I believe some vacant audio openings (have not studied them yet.)

Without too much $$$, due to being on SSI, what would be the easiest, and most economical, way that I can hook up the desktop with the TV and use it for the monitor?

If I don't get the correct connections, etc., I see comments on screen visual problems, sound problems w/o additional cable, etc, etc.

I would like to simply surf the internet using visual on the large TV screen; controlled by mouse (wireless possibly); download/delete/alter/etc. items on the 'puter'............ if possible.

We do have a home network with router, but I read that direct connection is best; which I presume would also apply to our wireless laptop, fed by the router.

Thank you for your (hopeful) response; and I hope I'm making my questions understandable.

72 year old 'PHART'

EDIT: Forgot to clarify. The 'USB' I referenced, is the 2nd-unused HTMI plug.