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01-29-2013, 07:06 PM
PHILIPS 20HF5474/10

Hello, this is after several searches on the net I still can not find a solution to my problem!
I have a problem with my Philips TV 20HF5474/10 which is locked and I can not unlock the code I write 319,753 + MUTE the keypad is locked and even TV keyboard not work as the key program - and even the power button on the remote control and locked
The TV was in good condition you are connected to the system with 319,753 + silent in the search list of channel Antin and define its place in the list, then you have the storage process.
After going out and reset the chans voiceless Jai repeated the one off once connected to a system with 319,753 + silent this time or communication or setup menu I select stop then you have the storage process after this operation and all locked even keys at the top and on the side of TV, What key P / CH - to select TV channels and the POWER button.
The TV remote control and adapted that I press any key the Ugly Green TV flashed well.
I have 2 remotes
1: RC 1683803/01H
2, RC 19335018/01
If somebody has a idea to offer me it would be appreciated thank you