View Full Version : 39PFL3807T - blank screen after a software update

02-04-2013, 07:00 PM
Hello everybody

39PFL3807T - initial installation has been completed (network installation has been skipped) and no problems have been notices. Recommended software update: version T922E_2.08 from 23.08.12 has been installed successfully from the USB flash drive. First restart (a result of a confirmation of a proposed action) has brought a blank screen; it is possible to change channels and hear sound.:confused:

This is the second case with another TV of same model. The first TV has been returned to a retailer due to above-described problem and an amazing non-uniformity of illumination of black (uneven bright spots were discovered in a dark).:mad:

I am grateful in advance for any constructive recommendations of how to bring a TV to a usable mode.