View Full Version : CSS2123/12 Soundbar Woofer Problem

02-07-2013, 09:36 AM

When i'm playing a movie trough my appleTV with optical line, my woofer makes a cracking sound the whole time. Bass still comes out, but with cracks in it. Don't know how i can explain it better because i'm from Belgium. My dealer said i need to search help on the Philips forum..

It's the little soundbox at the end of my woofer.


02-10-2013, 12:12 PM
Ultra compact and high performing, the Philips CSS2123/12 sound bar features two tweeters to perfectly restore ... A separate subwoofer provides deep bass!

02-12-2013, 09:06 AM
I would try with a different source and cable and if the crackling is still there then go back to the delaer