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02-08-2013, 03:28 PM

i) Is this forum inspected by any technically verse person from Philips?????
ii) Why most of the general problems regarding the Philips products kept unanswered for a long time ????
iii) If there is any other way to get technically specific things about Philips products please let us know.
iv) If this is Philips conducted forum with the objective of providing technical support for its customer base
I would like to say its service is VERY BAD at the moment!!!!!!

Is this PHILIPS ????????????
Is this PHILIPS ????????????
Is this PHILIPS ????????????

02-11-2013, 08:46 AM
Well the idea is that users help each other around here as far as I know....I will reply therefor to your other posts :)

02-11-2013, 06:53 PM
Hi Oscar,
Thank you for your willingness to help. But I don't think I have lot more problems with my Philips systems.
I was waiting for more than one month to get a simple reply.
If this forum intended to help each other it will be little helpful to all as there is no key responsible
party. All outsiders login to the forum MAINLY not to reply others but to get a solution. ( If they saw other's problems that they think they have answers ONLY they will reply. )
If I have a serious problem with my system the only place I can serach is Philips's web site and this forum. ( In my case the local dealer was unaware of the issue and was helpless ) If the answer is not found in the site's FAQs then the only option as far as I know is this forum. If this forum is not helpful then what ?

Thanks and regards,

02-15-2013, 02:23 PM
I totally agree with rangaabey ! I am also waiting for an answer to my question, but Philips doesn''t answer, not by email, nor chat , nor this forum.

Kind regards,