View Full Version : PicoPix 2480 : How to turn it off from remote controller

02-10-2013, 06:13 PM
Hi all

First i don't know if i picked right place in forum (TV: Other) for picopix videoprojector question.
But anyway, now it is done. I installed my videoproject under my roof and i have not an easy access to its lateral switch to turn it off. I would like like to be able to turn it off directly with remote controller but it look like i can just schedule a it in next 15 minutes but not turn it it off directly. I posted a request in french support i am waiting for an answer, but if somebody english spoken has a good answer i would be happy to know about.
If it is not possible it would be a good feature to include in any next firmware upgrade

03-28-2013, 05:42 PM
I found a way to turn off remotely the PicoPix 2480 within 1 minute, what is better than 15 default. I select Energy economy setting ( well mine is in french so i don't know how it appears in english ) and poweroof at 'End of Movie'. Then i run default advertisement that is shipped on the PicoPix and play it in accelerated mode ( >> ) , it plays in 10 s then screen display display a countdown counter starting from 10 seconds and shut down the Picopix at 0. Overall it takes less than one minute to shut it down, what save me to use a ladder to stop it.