View Full Version : BDP9700 SACD analogue output problem and FLAC stream support

02-12-2013, 03:28 PM
For SACD stereo analogue output (not the 7.1 output), I need to turn on my tv, (which connected to 9700 main HDMI output for Blu-ray playback), otherwise the player stop/pause playing. It resume from where it stop if I turn on my tv again. I had tried to disconnect the HDMI from my TV, SACD play won't pause (track time increases) but there is no sound from the analogue output. I don't have an DSD decoding AV-Amp, so the secondary HDMI output is not connected. No such problem when playing red book cd.

Another problem is I can't stream FLAC to BDP9700 from my router (ASUS RT-N16) attached USB HD via DLNA feature of the router. If i direct attach the USB HD to the player's USB port, the FLAC file plays with great sound. I could stream m4a files to BDP9700 from the same router, may be it is the router DLNA problem not related to the player. Just like Philips to confirm streaming of FLAC via DLNA is support or not.

Also just curious if AIFF playback will be supported in future firmware release.

Thank you.

02-12-2013, 05:25 PM

for issue 1)
Use Left/Right from 7.1 output and deactivate the other speakers in the speaker setup. Then try again.


02-16-2013, 02:13 PM
Thank you Toengel, your suggested method works but it is not a perfect solution for me.
I own a stereo AMP and an old 5.1 AVAMP without HD DTS, HD DD decoder.
It would be perfect if I could connect the stereo output from 9700 to my stereo AMP (for CD and SACD) and 7.1 output to my AVAMP (for Blu-ray), without the need to go into setup to enable/disable speaker surround/center speakers.

I hope my issue can be fixed by a firmware update.