View Full Version : HTS5580W/F7 won't play some good commercial DVDs properly

02-18-2013, 04:37 PM
Hi! (I've simplified this, hoping for a response!)

We get "black" picture and no sound on newer DVDs. They run ... but no signal comes out. The disk control buttons on the remote have no effect when the new disks are played (just giving the 'prohibited' sign). Other DVDs still play fine on the exact same set-up. The new DVDs are reputable ones (PBS), same region code, not BluRay, and they play fine in two different computers.

How can this be? [It has only occurred since we played our first BluRay disk about a month ago (which ran fine), if that helps.]

Since the player was new, DVDs have sometimes "stuck" on the first 'chapter' (eg an 18 second FBI sign, or a producer logo, continuously repeating). The player does not respond to any disk controls then either. However, this can usually be overcome by ejecting and starting again.

Please, is it settings or programming or what? Many thanks!