View Full Version : Newest fw for 52PFL8605 ("sound drop out")

02-18-2013, 07:08 PM
Hi all

I have a Philisp 52PFL8605 and upgraded some time ago to fw
If reading usb disk Audio the sound drops out every X ms and the sound is really ugly :-(
My question which is the newest fw for this device where can I download it and anyone
can confirm that sound dropouts are solved?

Thanks a lot


02-18-2013, 07:09 PM

visit the support website of your TV... there you can download the latest firmware...


02-19-2013, 12:33 PM
Yes there is newer FW 140.47 and 140.48, but your sound drops are not addressed:

Release notes:
Q55xx_0.140.48.0(Publication date: 2012-06-13)
not possible to access NetTV due to country Selection. (Ukraine)

Q55xx_0.140.47.0(Publication date: 2012-03-14)
Long movies will not play until the end. (not a download issue)
Loss of services from channel grid in DVB-S when using ECO-Multiswitch.

Q55xx_0.140.46.0(Publication date: 2011-12-21)
Solution stuttering noise on HDMI.
Solution about visible artefacts.

So w.r.t. 140.46 version from end 2011 no improvements.
And I know there are still sound drops, artefacts and spontenous crashes in this 2010 model Firmware.

I am afraid we have to live with it or buy another TV (of another brand of course!)


02-19-2013, 08:54 PM
Hi Nils

Yes I have found the page. Thanks.
It's a shame that a brand like philips has such a bad sw on his tvs....
I have a no name tv made in Argentina BHL which has a sw that philips will dream.
For example with the philips you cannot start a movie from hd at any point you must ff to which it stopped...
Very nice if move crashes ...
And the sound is very strange the issue is not on all movies... Still trying to detect the issue but
I think philips has no interess to fix this even I could send the info which audio tracks has problems...
As you noted we have to buy an other tv and make a good publicity...

Greetings and thanks!!!