View Full Version : TV forgets its LAN-Connection peridodically

02-23-2013, 11:03 AM

I recently bought a new TV 37 PFL 6007k, which is connected by LAN (wired) to my router.
Its a quite nice TV and all internet connections and the connection to my TWONKY media server
(Mybook, 3TB Harddisk) usually work well. :)

It is however very annoying that the TV periodically "forgets" that has a wired LAN connection.
This has the effect, that eg. the connection to the TWONKY-server cannot be established.
The menu then displays a screen (in German):

"Schalten Sie Ihren Computer ein uns starten Sie Ihre Medienserver-Anwendung.
Der Fernseher sucht kontinuerlich nach einem Medienserver-Programm"

with only one option "Stoppen" (=stop) for infinit time (some 10 minutes).
(If this is done, of course no connection is established.:( )
My mediaserver is still running, however.

The only possibility to get it running again, is to completely set up the internet connection again.
I assume, this is a firmware error.
Could you please fix it, and inform me when it is fixed?

kind regards

02-24-2013, 10:25 AM
I have to add to my post from yesterday, that I had installed the newest firmware version (auto-loaded on configuration)
QF1EU- (generation date 17/12/2012)

Yesterday night I downloaded the newest version from the Philips website (, date published 4.2.2013),
but the problem still remains. In the middle of a photo show from the TWONKY-server, it stops and
displays the screen, which I have described in the last posting.