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02-27-2013, 06:53 PM

I'm from Portugal.
I bought this Philips Tv a month ago but i'm facing many troubles with DVB-T inputs.
First week was impossible to see any channel cause image loss every 5 seconds.
Then i switch off tv for one week and turn on again and repeat serch channels again and image stabilized more or less but
i was starting to can see a program or some Tv series.
Last weekend i was try to test external usb HD to check if tv read movies and substitles and the problem of DVB-T image loss channels is back. It's impossible to see any tv. So, it must be there any issue/interference with different connections of TV.

I'm using External antenna.
Tv works well with a external DVB-T tuner and the same external antenna cable connect in other tv i have with internal DVB-T works very well too, no image loss.

=> So I can only conclude that the problem is on DVB-T board of Philips TV (have a problem or it's bad) or is a software problem. Last weekend i saw here an user that put youtube video showing a similar problem on image loss. I'm not sure but i think that was a 7606 series....

This Tv needs improvement on:

EPG ( or Programming Guide) - Compare with other Tv brands this service is very poor. We don't have any shortcut in remote control. I must go to "Home TV" and when i enter Tv lost sound, why???
It should be able to see tv image on back of the screen too while i check EPG like other tvs or External DVB-T tuners.

Change channels or when turn on tv - You can only see the name of Channel.
You should see a bar bellow of screen with the program information/hours you are watching on tv. This is the normal on DVB-T!
On this Philips, i need to press a button on remote control and choose "What is" ( i think, not sure) !??! This is not normal!
Beyond see the name of Channel, TV should be show program information info by default.

Home Menu - Sound/image menus - Watching tv when switch in the options of that menus, channel sound is cut ( loss sound).

Hours Shortcut remote control - No exist and it's very difficult to found hours on this tv.

By now, this are the problems i see already, not sure if i will find more... :O/

Can someone help me with this DVb-T problem?
And someone too of Philips can give me some feedback on this issues?

Thanks in advance


03-01-2013, 05:04 PM
No one have this type of problems or can help me??

Philips - Benedickte
03-04-2013, 01:15 PM
Hi Draven.

Could you please confirm what software that is installed on your TV?

Please check the signals that these are good/strong, maybe contact your providers too for further check.

Best regard,

No one have this type of problems or can help me??