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03-06-2013, 10:24 PM

I got the tv couple days ago, i upgraded the first firmware from 133.5 to 1.50.82 via the internet connection with cable straight to modem.

All went well and the upgrade was succefully while shutting down the tv and unplugging it from power outlet for 2 min.

I though that the update will get the newest 1.50.83 which it didn't, so i went to site got the file and copied it to my USB Segate hardisk to FAT32 partition to ROOT partition meaning without folder or anything. The TV was turned on and then i connected the USB HD, it didn't see the file saying no file found or something like that. compitable. So i turned off the TV and kept the USB plugged to USB TV. I turned it back on,the first thing it was up and all the screen was SCRAMBLE like weird rainbow colorful lines without able to understand or read anything, litterly like some weird painting that kept moving very fast (Like sometimes when u activate 3D and disabling it or it goes out of a game), i wasn't able so see what was behind or what was going on, clicking the remote to turn off or doing anything didn't work, i figure it does upgrade, but it took like 2min or so i think which i didn't see any progress, so i plugged it off and plugged back in, this time it went ok and started the updating without any problem.

Now is there any chance i stopped it while it updated or doing upgrade and maybe it cause problems ? or if the TV works fine that everything is OK !?

Can someone enlight me on this mode, cause i want to be sure that everything is works fine, 3D works, sound i didn't check, but it looks like everything that i need works fine.

03-07-2013, 04:19 PM
Here is an update of what is happening when i try to update when External USB hardisk is connected before turning the tv.


Please tell me what is wrong ! it happened on the 2nd firmware I did after the internet update.

1. Internet update 1.50.82
2. Downloaded file 1.50.83 while updating to this it happened.
3. The first time i didn't know what is happening and i plugged the power off while it was on the updating screen but i couldn't see anything ! remote didn't work, I did it after 30 sec or something, Could I damaged anything ? Ruined anything ? The TV works perfectly it seem expect this problems and all the other bugs that u know already.

Please Answer