View Full Version : Suggestions and fixes for next firmware 42PFL7007G

03-11-2013, 08:00 PM
I will not talk about the bugs , nor the excruciating slow speed of the software, but rather about the decisions that Philips has made on the firmware and TV design that make you think . Did they actually tested this thing?

- Channel switching

This must be the most irritating thing of the TV. You CAN NOT change channels sequentially!!! Pressing a second time the keys CH + and CH - takes you to a channel list instead to the next channel. This is so stupidly annoying and ridiculous that is not even funny. And even worst this "feature" CAN NOT be disabled !!

How come Philips took the most basic , simple and common feature of a TV and turned it around into something that completely negates the company slogan??!!


Please Philips if you have any respect for your company introduce a way to disable that and to let the TV do what the most cheap and basic TV sets can do without any problems.

- Image and audio presets

Just to get to the image and audio presets list (Movie, Sports, etc...), one thing that is very commonly used, you have no less than 6 key presses , on top of that this is combined with really slow menu animations !!! Again this is just to get to the list!! Where is the "sense and simplicity" ?

You have direct access to ambilight and even have left unused "color" keys!!


Make the "color" keys a direct access to image and audio presets and the more used features.

- Screen format

The tv does not remember the format for each input, when you switch between inputs you know you will also have to adjust the format, this is annoying but nothing compared with not been able to change channels sequentially


This fix is obvious, make the TV remember everything for each input.

Sure there are others suggestions but i think of these as the most basic and obvious ones, I encourage you to add up, as I understand this problems are not exclusive of this model.
Hope this issues get fixed, thanks.

I left out issues regarding the image quality and NetTV on purpose as they are not supposed to be treated here.