View Full Version : [Bug] standby function of TV with multiple scheduled recordings is not working

03-14-2013, 08:34 AM
Dear all,

I observed another Bug on my TV with multiple scheduled recordings (2k11 TV, Q5553, TV55R3, 14.104, IP-EPG).

I scheduled recordings at:

Night from Sunday to Monday (1-3am)
Night from Monday to Tuesday(1-3am)
Night from Tuesday to Wednesday (1-3am)
Night from Wednesday to Thursday (1-3am)

After the first 3 nights (the nights, where still recordings are planned for the future) I observed in the morning, that the TV is still running (USB HDD was still on, Network components were on). Only the Audio and Display were off. When I pressed any key on the RC, the TV was immediately on.
=> TV was NOT in standby

However, after the last recording (no recordings are scheduled in the future), the TV went into standby correctly.
=> TV was in standby.

From my Point of view, the TV has Problems with multiple scheduled recordings and the shutdown Feature.

Did someone observed the same issue? Or maybe confirm this?


03-21-2013, 03:07 PM

some more intel:

I scheduled some recordings yesterday for next week. And today in the morning, my TV was again NOT in standby (USB-HDD was still running and network was on).

From my experience the TV normally goes online in the night for 10 minutes and shuts down afterwards (I think the TV is getting/sending some information to IP-EPG servers). However, if some recordings are scheduled in the future, the TV does not get the shutdown signal (either from TV itself or IP-EPG servers).