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04-04-2013, 01:40 PM

The new FW is live. For technical feedback (pos. and neg. points) please post here: http://goo.gl/vdG5A (http://goo.gl/vdG5A). This thread is more for details and discussions.

After upgrading your TV, it is necessary to perform a "cold start". This means that, after the TV is running again (after the update), shut down the TV, wait 1 minute (till all components are shut down), and unplug the TV from the mains (pull power cord) for 2 minutes before starting again.

TPM1013E_002.015.000.001 (Date published: 2013-04-04)
Fixed Ziggo CI+ module not working issue. (Only applicable to country, Netherlands)

TPM1013E_002.014.000.001 (Date published: 2013-03-27)
With this software your TV is now certified for Boxer HD, RiksTV, Com Hem, and Soarview. (Only applicable to T-models)
Solved flickering picture in Auto fill picture format for analog channel.
Solved the channel sorting issue. (Only applicable to country, France)
Corrected the Wi-Fi Miracast display name.
Improved channel switching time for DVB-S channels. (Only applicable to country, Turkey)
Fixed Romania DVB-C teletext issue.

TPM1013E_002.007.000.001 (Date published: 2013-03-06)
Initial production software for K-models.

TPM1013E_002.004.000.001 (Date published: 2013-03-06)
Initial production software for H-models.

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