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04-29-2013, 08:43 AM
If it is possible for the speaker to automatically detect an incoming signal on the MP3-link, it would be great if it could automatically switch to playing from that source, so you wouldn't have to go into AirStudio and switch to MP3-Link. And I guess the behavior should be configurable if some have the MP3-Link connected permanently.

(Using a AW3000)

William Wallace
04-30-2013, 10:54 AM
Hi lemvigh,

I've checked that when the speaker is in Demo mode, it automatically switches itself to the MP3-link input, maybe you can try that out?

To enable or disable demonstration mode:

Disconnect the speaker from power supply.
Press and hold the Preset 4 button. DO NOT release the button.

Keep pressing and holding the Preset 4 button, at the same time connect the speaker to power supply. DO NOT release the button.
Continue to press and hold this button for another 5 seconds.
Release the button.

To check whether the Demo mode is on:

1. Start AirStudio App on your iOS/Android device.
2. Tab Services.
3. If the speaker is at demonstration mode, “DEMO MODE IS ON” would be displayed next to the on/off icon.

I hope this helps, perhaps you can switch to the mp3-Link input some other way, Im not aware of it though.

Good luck!